Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) in PH Embassy Berlin, Germany

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Filipinos based in Berlin can apply for the Affidavit of Support and Guaranteee (ASG) from the Philippine Embassy located at Luisenstrasse 16, 10117 Berlin. When applying for the ASG, the Philippine Embassy assesses the sponsor’s financial competence, considering factors such as bank statements or an employment contract. If you are an OFW based in Berlin, feel free to visit our PH Embassy to initiate the ASG processing.

Sponsored/Applicant OFWs can apply by following the Embassy’s ASG application requirements and procedure. Please keep in mind that certain requirements of the sponsor and the sponsored individual must be included in the application like a valid passport, proof of relationship, payslip, and so on.

affidavit of support and guarantee berlin germany


OFWs with first and second degrees of consanguinity or affinity may sign an affidavit to sponsor a relative.


Allowing a Filipino tourist to leave the Philippines is the responsibility of port officials from the Bureau of Immigration, not the Embassy. The Embassy’s sole responsibility is to authenticate ASG upon submission of the requirements.

The following are the requirements for ASG:


The fees associated with the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee (ASG) document are a crucial part of the application process.

  • Standard processing fee: €27.50 per document
    • This fee applies regardless of the submission method (email, postal mail, or personal submission at the Embassy).
  • Express processing fee: Additional €11.00 per document
    • This service is only available for applicants who personally submit their documents at the Embassy. It ensures that documents are processed and ready for collection the next working day.
  • Payment methods:
    • Cash: Required when paying at the Embassy.
    • Bank transfer: Available for email submissions. The transfer should be made to the specified Embassy account.

The standard processing fee is €27.50 per document. This fee is applicable regardless of the method you choose to submit your documents, whether it be via email, postal mail, or personal submission at the Embassy.

If you opt for express processing, which is only available for applicants who personally submit their documents at the Embassy, an additional fee of €11.00 per document is charged. This expedited service ensures your documents are processed and ready for collection on the following working day.

It’s important to note that all payments should be made in cash if you’re making the payment at the Embassy. Alternatively, for email submissions, the fee can be paid via bank transfer to the specified Embassy account.

How to Apply for ASG at the PH Embassy Office in Berlin, Germany

Please follow the steps below for applications who wish to get a notarized Affidavit of Support & Guarantee at the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany:

Step 1: Download the Affidavit of Support & Agreement (ASG) form.

Form available for download at:

Step 2: Have the documents pre-authenticated by the appropriate German authorities.

Note: Notar (Notary) and Landgericht (District Court) are not required if the signatory submits the documents in person.

Step 3: Compile the documents with original copies and one (1) photocopy.

Step 4: Submit an application for ASG.

There are three ways to submit your application: via email, via postal mail and via personal visit. Please follow the steps below for each one:

A. Send ASG Documents via Email

If you are sending the documents via email, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Scan the required documents.
    2. Send the scanned documents to
    3. The Authentication Officer will review the emailed submission for completeness.
    4. Once the emailed documents are considered to be complete, the Embassy’s consular office will instruct you to mail the documents to the Embassy.
    5. Pay a processing fee of €27.50 (per document).
      • Bank Details of The Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany
        Account Name:      Philippinische Botschaft
        IBAN:                     DE83 3807 0059 0195 0229 00
        BIC:                        DEUTDEDK380
        Bank Name:           Deutsche Bank AG, Bonn
    6. Make a photocopy of the receipt.

B. Send ASG Documents via Postal Mail

If you want to send your documents via postal mail, here are the steps:

    1. Compile the needed documents including the proof of payment, one (1) photocopy for the Embassy’s records, and an envelope that is addressed to you and has Deutsche Post stamps worth €4.05 or a pre-paid envelope (ideally from a private courier service like DHL Expresseasy or UPS Standard) that will be used to return your documents. Make sure that your compiled documents are complete and correct.
    2. Mail the documents to:
      1. Embassy of the Philippines
        Authentication Unit
        Luisenstraße 16, 10117 Berlin, Germany

C. Personal Submission of Documents at Philippine Embassy

If you choose to personally submit the documents, you need to schedule an appointment. Please follow the instructions below:

    1. Book an online appointment. Click on the following link to schedule an appointment here –
    2. Scroll down and select “Acknowledgment of SPA/Affidavits/LCCM-Counselling/Renunciation” from the list of Consular Services to be Applied For:
      • book appointment for affidavit of support and guarantee in berlin germany
    3. Choose the time and day that are most convenient for you.
      • Note: Time slots and dates in white are available, dates in red are fully booked, and time slots in gray are either taken or booked.schedule appointment ASG Berlin Germany
    4. Complete all required personal information fields such as the Email, Name, Phone, and State:
      • fill out personal information affidavit of support berlin germany
    5. Check if the appointment details are correct. Tick the box, click “I’m not a robot,” and then select “Submit.”
      • booking appointment PH Embassy Berlin
    6. Check your email for the Appointment Application Reference Number.
    7. Send an email to with the following details:
      Subject line – “Request for Appointment- Reference Number xx”
      Body of your email – Containing your full name, contact information, and consular service you are applying for
      Attachment – Scanned or photographed ASG form and the required documents
      Note: After receiving the email, you should comply within 48 hours.
    8. The Embassy will assess and pre-process the submitted application documents.
    9. If your documents are correct and complete, you will receive an email from the embassy confirming your appointment along with further instructions.
    10. Print your confirmed appointment email.
  1. Visit the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany during the Day of your Appointment. Below are the steps during your scheduled visit:
    1. On the day of your appointment, bring two (2) copies of the needed documents and your appointment confirmation.
    2. Request for queuing number.
    3. Proceed to the Consular Section as soon as your queuing number is called.
    4. Pay for €27.50 (per document) processing fee at the cashier – CASH ONLY.
    5. Wait for the further instructions.

Step 5: Wait for the release of ASG documents.

Express Processing: If an applicant submits the documents personally at the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany, they can pay an extra €11.00 (per document) to have their documents processed and released on the following working day. The applicant can then pick up their processed document(s) in person or mail the document(s) back using a pre-paid, self-addressed return envelope.

Regular processing: Applicants can mail back the processed document(s) using a self-addressed, pre-paid return envelope, or they can come back to the Embassy to pick up the document(s) after five (5) working days.

Affidavit of Support and Guarantee Sample

Here’s a photo sample of what you can expect from the ASG form in Germany for your reference:

Affidavit_of_Support_and_Guarantee_Sample berlin Germany

Video: How to get Affidavit of Support & Guarantee in Germany (UPDATED 2023)

Watch the video below by YouTuber Honeylith Rudz as she explains the process on how to get Affidavit of Support & Guarantee in Germany.


For Filipinos residing in Berlin, Germany, who want to sponsor their first or second degree of consanguinity or affinity, must submit an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG). The procedure can be completed in two ways: first, via email and mail, and second, by personally visiting the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

An Affidavit of Support & Guarantee does not ensure entry or visa approval. It is merely an additional piece of evidence that can support someone’s visa application. For Filipinos who plan to travel to Germany for tourism, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration officers usually require this document.

Contact information

The Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany can be reached with the information provided below:

Embassy of the Philippines in Berlin Germany
Address: Luisenstrasse 16, 10117 Berlin
Contact Number: +49 (0) 30 864 95 00
Email Address:,


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