How to Apply OWWA Rebate Program Online

The OWWA rebate is a program launched for OFWs who have been active members for 10 years or more wherein they will get a rebate or a portion of their contributions back. Seaman, OFWs and their qualified beneficiaries will now earn rebates ranging from PHP 941 to PHP 13,000, depending on how much they have contributed. We share details on how to apply online, requirements, qualifications, and other important details for those who want to get their rebate.

In case you are wondering how you can apply and claim the OWWA rebate, you can follow the steps below as we’ve outlined how you can get a part of your monetary contributions back.

how to apply owwa rebate program

What is OWWA Rebate Program for OFWs?

The OWWA Rebate Program, which was launched on September 1, 2019, in compliance with Section 54 of Republic Act 10801 or the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Act, is intended to assist OFWs and their families.

The rebate project mandates the payment of a corresponding sum to OWWA members who have been members for ten years or more and have not benefited from any of the agency’s programs, services, or benefits, such as:

Note: The OWWA rebate is a percentage of the total OWWA contributions. It is NOT a complete refund or cashback on your OWWA contribution.

Who are qualified for the OWWA Rebate?

In case you are wondering what are the qualifications and who are eligible for the OWWA rebate, here are the qualified applicants:

  • OFW’s who have been an OWWA member for ten (10) years or more
  • Pay five (5) or more membership contributions as of December 31, 2017
  • The OFW or his family has never received any OWWA program or service
  • The legal beneficiary of the deceased qualified OFW

How much is the cashback amount I can get based on the OWWA Rebate Table?

The qualified OFW will receive from Php 941.25 to Php 13,177.50 based on the number of their contributions.

The following is the OWWA Rebate Table of Computation:

Number of Contributions Rebate Amount
5 941.25
6 1,129.50
7 1,317.75
8 1,506
9 1,694.26
10 1,882.50
20 3,765
30 5,647.50
40 7,530
50 9,412.50
60 11,295
70 13,177.50


What are the Requirements for OWWA Rebate?

To be able to get the rebate, you need to present the following document requirements:

  • Membership ID for Inquiry
  • One (1) government-issued valid ID
  • A bank account where OWWA can deposit the money

How to Claim OWWA Rebate?

Here’s the step by step guide on how you can process and claim the OWWA rebate:

  1. Visit the OWWA website or click here:
  2. Carefully fill out the Rebate Verification Form.
  3. After reviewing your information, click “Inquire”
  4. If you qualify, the amount you will receive will be shown on the next page.
  5. Make an appointment with your nearest and preferred branch. Click here to check the branches:
  6. Keep the mobile number you provided open, as you will receive a text message containing your appointment code. Save this message.
  7. On your scheduled date, proceed to the OWWA branch with your appointment code and one valid government ID.
  8. Provide your bank details where the rebate will be deposited.

OWWA Rebate Verification Form Online

The OWWA Rebate Application form is done online. You can do this by going to the link – Below is a sample of the rebate application form:

owwa rebate application verification form
screenshot of OWWA Rebate Verification Form

OWWA Rebate Online Portal

Again, in order to apply for the rebate, you may fill out your details via OWWA rebate online portal which is

OWWA Rebate for Seaman

For seafarer OFWs who wish to get the rebate, you may also apply for this program so you can take advantage of this project. Seamen and sea women can apply for this so they can get a certain amount based on the number of OWWA membership contributions that they have submitted. The process is also the same in order to avail of this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions and answers about the OFW OWWA rebate project:

1. Where can I go if I have an appeal about the OWWA Rebate?

  • There is an OFW Rebate Program Help Desk at all OWWA Regional Welfare Offices for any questions regarding getting a rebate
  • You can also call the OWWA Rebate Hotline at 1348
  • Please send a message on the official Facebook page of the OWWA rebate Program if you have additional questions

2. Can I avail other OWWA Programs and services even if the OFW receives a rebate?

Yes, however, the availment must be in accordance with the guidelines and policy of the program or service to be applied for.

3. What are the requirements that must be presented to the OWWA Regional Welfare Office on the day of the appointment?

  • Show the appointment code to be sent via text message (SMS) and a valid government-issued ID
  • OWWA e-card, Passport, Company ID, NBI Clearance
  • Other government-issued ID’s such as postal ID, SSS, GSIS, Driver’s License, PRC, Senior Citizen’s ID, Voter’s ID

4. Can the OFW’s family member process the OWWA Rebate if the OFW is still abroad, has a serious illness or has died?

  • If the OFW is still in another country, he or she can apply online to get an appointment. The designated member of his family here in the Philippines may claim his rebate at his chosen pick-up location.
  • If the OFW has a serious illness, his family may process his rebate
  • The family can also process the OFW’s OWWA Rebate if he / she has passed away, as long as the OFW is qualified for the rebate.

5. What are the requirements for a family member to process an OFW rebate?

The designated family member must present the following to the selected OWWA regional Welfare Office or provincial Distribution Center.

  • If the OFW is abroad:
  • Appointment code
  • Authorization letter from OFW
  • Proof of relationship with OFW (e.g. marriage contract, birth certificate)
  • 1 valid ID of OFW and an authorized representative
  • If the OFW is seriously ill:
  • Appointment code
  • Medical certificate
  • An authorization letter with the signature or thumb mark of the OFW
  • Proof of relationship with OFW (e.g. marriage contract, birth certificate)
  • 1 valid ID of OFW and an authorized representative
  • If the OFW is dead:
  • Appointment code
  • Death certificate of OFW
  • Proof of relationship with OFW (e.g. marriage contract, birth certificate)
  • 1 valid ID of OFW and the authorized representative

6. How fast can I get the OWWA Rebate?

After the verification of your application on the day of your appointment, one (1) banking day is required before the amount of your rebate can be credited to your bank account.

7. Can I set an appointment for the POLO-OWWA rebate abroad?

No, Only OWWA Regional Welfare Offices and Provincial Distribution Centers can set an appointment for the OWWA rebate.

8. When will the OWWA Rebate be implemented?

The online appointment for the OWWA Rebate on the OWWA website opened on September 1, 2019, and the first day of the appointment and distribution of the rebate began on September 10, 2019.

9. Is the OWWA Rebate reimbursement of the total amount of the OWWA contribution?

No, this is only a percentage of the total amount of the OWWA contribution. This is not a REFUND or CASHBACK.

10. Who are the only ones who can get an online appointment?

Only OFW’s who have been OWWA members for ten (10) years or more and have five (5) or more membership contributions, and have not obtained any OWWA programs and benefits can obtain an online appointment.

Other Ways to Use OWWA Rebate

In case you do not want to claim your rebate, you can use it for the following options:

  • If the OFW is still currently on an employment contract abroad, the rebate claim can be used for the renewal of OWWA membership.
  • The rebate claim can be donated to OWWA’s Tuloy Aral Project (TAP) to help the education of the children of our unfortunate OFW’s.

OWWA Rebates Latest News

For those who want to get the latest news about this OWWA rebate project, you may check out the official Facebook Page as this is where you can find the lasted information and updates – Visit

OWWA Rebate Infographic

Here is an infographic about the OWWA Rebate Program and the common questions and answers to give you a better understanding of this project:

OWWA Rebate Program FAQs1 OWWA Rebate Program FAQs2

OWWA Rebate Program FAQs3 OWWA Rebate Program FAQs4 OWWA Rebate Program FAQs5

If you have any questions, please drop by or contact the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office in your area or the POLO-OWWA office if you are based abroad, or call the OWWA Hotline 1348 or send a message to the OWWA Rebate Program Official Facebook Page.

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