What is the OWWA Reintegration Program for OFWs?

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The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Reintegration Program has been created and has been implemented to help people, especially the Filipinos working abroad to become productive and capable after returning to the country. This program aims to assist OFWs who are displaced from their current jobs due to the hostilities and conflicts in their host country, war or political conflicts in the host country, policy reforms changes by the host government; or are victims of illegal recruitment and human trafficking or other distressing situations.

Through this program returning active, OFW OWWA members will be given the training to help them prepare and rebuild their lives here in the country.

Specific training such as Value Formation, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurial Development, Techno-Skills, and Capacity Building will be provided for free to returning OFWs.

A package of Livelihood Assistance and Services will also be granted to help them develop knowledge and skills for self-employment. Education Program Scholarships will also be granted to OFW dependents.

owwa reintegration program for ofws

Reintegration Preparedness On-Site

  • Value Formation Training will be provided to returning OFWs to help them develop and improve their behavior and attitude, and better understand its importance to one’s life.
  • Financial Literacy Training will be provided for free by Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the National Reintegration Center for OFWs (NRCO), they will be educated regarding Financial Literacy to make them able and fully understand and develop their financial skills and do financial management, budgeting and investing which is an important factor on rebuilding and stabilizing their lives back in the country.
  • Entrepreneurial Development Training is also part of the program. Under this training, they can turn their business ideas into business plans. It will give them in-depth knowledge on putting up their own business and manage it properly and successfully. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the National Reintegration Center for OFWs (NRCO) will also provide free training for OFWs to be financially aware, individually prepare them for entrepreneurial roles, business planning, and business management. The training will take one day to three days to finish.
  • Techno-Skills and Capacity Building will be taught as well. Due to evolving technology, developing one’s techno-skills is necessary to perform many tasks in the workplace and be more efficient in doing their tasks. Through Capacity Building returning OFWs can develop and help strengthen their skills, abilities, knowledge, equipment, and other resources that they need to do their jobs competently and to stay relevant within a rapidly changing environment. The training duration may be one day and last up to three days.

Reintegration In-Country

  • Job referrals will be given to returning OFWs who still wish to work back in the country. Through this, they will have better opportunities to get hired on a job that they desire.
  • Business counseling is a free business development service given to OFWs to mentor and support by business consultation, productivity advice, and give them business network support to sustain and further expand their businesses.
  • Community organizing will aim to improve OFWs social health, well-being, and overall functioning, and make them well-rounded persons in their respective local areas.
  • Skills and Entrepreneurship (OFW-RISE) Program will be provided to OFWs to give them access to new business and livelihood opportunities. OFW-RISE program is a partnership and agreement made by Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC), and Coca-Cola Philippines. The memorandum of agreement (MOA) to implement the OFW Reintegration through Skills and Entrepreneurship (OFW-RISE) Program was signed on November 5, 2020. Under the said agreement, TESDA will facilitate the hosting of the OFW-Rise Program as well as the issuance of electronic certificates of completion for the participants, while TESDA will be responsible for the management team that will supervise the overall implementation of the program and processes the application to the OWWA livelihood programs of OFWs who have completed the business course.

Livelihood Assistance Services

  • Balik-Pinas, Balik-Hanapbuhay Program consists of a non-cash livelihood package to accommodate and subsidize to give immediate relief to returning OFWs active or non-active OWWA members displaced from their job due to war or political conflict, policy reforms, controls, and changes by host government; or who are victims of illegal recruitment, human trafficking, or other distressful situations. This program will be offered to OFW’s who have decided to return to the Philippines for good.
  • Balik-Pinay, Balik-Hanapbuhay Program aims to provide livelihood skills training and distribution of starter kits for returning women OFWs to empower them to put up and operate livelihood ventures for self-employment. Women OFWs who are displaced due to conflicts and unkindness in their host country, or who are victims of illegal recruitment and human trafficking or other distressful situations will be given priority.
  • Financial Literacy Seminar and Small Business Management Training will be provided for returning OFWs to assist them and their families as well and develop and improve their knowledge on financial literacy relating to their overseas employment and empower them to be self-reliant by creating and starting their own small business enterprise.
  • Livelihood Development Assistance Program is a National Reintegration Center for OFWs (NRCO) livelihood grant involvement consisting of skills training and provides starter kits based on project proposals of undocumented returning OFWs.
  • Education and Livelihood Assistance Program is a scholarship provided for OFWs dependent who were active OWWA members during the time of their death. The program only allows one child, usually the eldest child member-OFW. The scholarship will grant P5,000 for elementary, P8,000 for high school, and P10,000 for college. P15,000 livelihood assistance will be granted as well to the surviving spouse if the OFW member was married, or the mother or father if the OFW was single.

Eligibility requirements

  • Application Form (cash assistance will only be used for self-employment or for putting up or expanding of livelihood project)
  • Certificate of Entrepreneurial Development Training
  • Business Proposal approved by RWO Director indicating sustainability and feasibility of chosen livelihood.
  • Proof of repatriation to the Philippines (passport, travel documents, airline ticket)

Overseas Filipino Workers-Enterprise Development and Loan Program (OFW-EDLP)

OFW-EDLP program was formerly known as OFW-Reintegration Program. The program is a tie-up between the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), which aims to support and provide business opportunities for OFWs.

Through bank loans, credit assistance will be granted to returning OFWs to enable them to run their own business as an alternative to overseas employment. Business loans worth P100,000 up to P5,000,000 will be granted to eligible borrowers, which is payable within five years, with an interest rate of 7.5 percent per year. This service will include a referral service to partner lending institutions.

Eligible borrowers

  • OFWs who are certified by OWWA on membership and completed capacity-building training.

Eligible projects

  • A feasible project that belongs to, but is not limited to the following fields: franchising, agriculture, and non-agriculture production and marketing, rental, service, construction, trading, transportation.
  • A project proposal must generate a net income of at least P10,000 for the OFW and their family.
  • Contract tie-up with top 1,000 corporations

Loan Purpose will only be granted to those who need funds for Working Capital and Fixed Asset Acquisition. Borrower’s Equity is a minimum of 20% of the Total Project Cost (TPC) and a maximum of 80% of TPC loan will be given to cover the overall project cost. The loan amount shall depend based on the project needs and the amount of equity participation of the borrower.

Loan Amount

  • For Single Proprietorship (Individual Loan Borrowers) minimum loanable amount of P100,000 with a loan ceiling of P2,000,000 will be given.
  • For Group Loan Borrowers (partnership, corporations, cooperatives) minimum loanable amount of P100,000 with a loan ceiling of P5,000,000 will be given.

Loan Repayment for Short Term is a maximum of one year, while for Term Loan it will be based on cash flow but will not exceed seven years, inclusive of a maximum two years grace period on principal. For Loan Collateral, the object of financing, and other collaterals or securities acceptable to the bank.

Qualifications to avail of a loan

  • OWWA member, active or non-active
  • Completed Enhance Entrepreneurial Development Training
  • OFWs working abroad, or planning to leave may be represented by the following:

If OFW is married, by the legal spouse

If OFW is single, widow, widower, or separated-in-fact: Parents not more than sixty (60) years old or Children who are at least eighteen (18) years old

Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa Pag-unlad ng Samahang OFWs (Tulong PUSO)

Under this Tulong PUSO assistance, a one-time grant will be given in the form of raw materials, equipment, tools and jigs, and other support services. The purpose of this assistance is to aid the formation, enhancement, and restoration of livelihood projects of OFW organizations. The amount that will be granted will be based on the project requirement, with a maximum of up to P1,000,000 for OFW organizations with more than 51 members.


  • Application Form
  • Certificate of Entrepreneurial Development Training (for start-up)
  • Copy of SEC/DOLE/CDA Registration
  • Certification from the Regional Welfare Office Director that the OFC-applicant is a genuine OFW group that is recognized by OWWA
  • Beneficiary Prole
  • Business Permit
  • Business Proposal (indicates that the adherent has an equity equivalent to at least 20% of the TPC)
  • Board Resolution that will designate Business Manager who is responsible and has the authority to file and apply on behalf of the organization

For further details on OWWA Reintegration Program you can contact and visit:

Contact Information

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration
Ground Floor, Rm 101, OWWA Center
7th St. Corer F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City
Tel No.: +632 891 7601 to 24
Hotline: +632 551 -1560; +632 551-6641
E-mail Address: rmd@owwa.gov.ph

National Reintegration Center for OFWs
Ground Floor, Blas F. Ople Development Center (Old OWWA Building)
Corner Solana and Victoria Streets Intramuros, Manila
Tel No.: 527-6184/ 526-2633/ 526-2392
E-mail Address: nrcoreintegration@gmail.com

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