How to Claim OWWA Bereavement Assistance?

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The Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA) focuses on supporting Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families with their welfare. With this in mind, the agency developed several aid packages for various reasons, one of which is the Bereavement Assistance Service, which is part of their Welfare Assistance Program (WAP). In times of crisis, especially death, OWWA has provided an assistance program for families of deceased OFWs.

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Knowing the OWWA benefits will not only help you get the most out of your membership fees, but it will also guarantee that you receive the government financial support to which you are entitled. The following sections of the article cover Bereavement Assistance, including how to qualify, the incentives, what you’ll need to apply, and how to apply.

owwa bereavement assistance program

What is the OWWA Bereavement Assistance?

The Welfare Assistance Program (WAP) is available to active and inactive OWWA members and their families who are not eligible for any of the OWWA’s current Social Benefit Programs and Services. A counterpart of the Death and Burial Benefits (under the Social Benefits Programs) is the Bereavement Assistance under the WAP.

While the Death and Burial Social Benefits are intended to assist the families of deceased active OWWA member OFWs, the Welfare Assistance Program’s Bereavement Assistance is intended to assist the families of deceased non-active OWWA member OFWs.


The Bereavement Assistance Program provides cash assistance up to Php 20,000.00 to the family of the deceased non-active OWWA member OFW and is not entitled or suitable for any of the OWWA’s other benefits programs.


Bereavement Assistance Welfare Program is for the bereaved family of the deceased non-active OWWA member OFW.

You must be a family member of a deceased non-active OWWA member OFW who is not yet qualified for other Social Benefits Services to be eligible for the Bereavement Assistance Program.

Document Requirements

As a family member left behind by the deceased non-active OWWA member OFW, you must prepare the following documents before claiming the Bereavement Assistance Program:

  • Valid ID of the deceased OFW
  • Validity of filing within three (3) years after the death of OFW-member
  • Proof of Relationship to the OFW
    • For the Spouse of the OFW

How to Claim Bereavement Assistance?

To claim the Bereavement Assistance, as the family members of the deceased non-active OWWA member OFW may visit or contact the Regional Welfare Office (RWO) near you – if currently in the Philippines; or the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) – is currently living abroad.

24/7 OWWA Operations Center

To summarize, these are the details you’ll need to apply for Bereavement Assistance. Don’t forget to take advantage of this service if you are a family member of a deceased non-active OWWA member OFW. Apply and receive your benefits, as any kind of assistance is helpful in times of need.

For more Information, the OWWA can be contacted through the following:

Mobile Number: (+63) 917 TXT-OWWA or (+63) 917 898-6992
Landline: (+632) 833-OWWA or (+632) 833-6992
Globe Hotline: 2917 (For OWWA, press “3”)
E-mail Address: or
Location: OWWA Building, 7th corner F.B. Harrison Sts., Pasay City Metro Manila, Philippines

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