DOLE Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)

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The Special Program for Employment of Students is the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) youth employment-bridging program. It aims to offer temporary employment to underprivileged but deserving students, out-of-school youth, and dependents of displaced or would-be displaced workers during summer and/or Christmas break or any other time of the year to supplement the family’s income and help beneficiaries ensure that they can pursue their education. Only the DepEd Central Office will implement the program.

It also provides youth with an opportunity to acquire training, work experience, and skills. This is a helpful way for youth to gain experience and knowledge in the world of work. It also allows them to develop stronger connections with the local labor markets and related industries, helping to provide job opportunities after graduation.

The Special Program for Employment of Students is part of DOLE’s mission to promote decent and productive employment and income-generating activities for all Filipinos, especially those who are most vulnerable. Through this program, DOLE works towards its goal of empowering young people so that they can become economically self-sufficient citizens

dole spes special program for employment of students


The following are qualified to the program:

Students or Out-of-School Youth (OSY)

  • OSY who are at least 15 but under 30
  • The National Economic and Development Authority’s (NEDA) most recent annual regional poverty threshold level for a family of six (6), as determined and provided, cannot be exceeded by the combined net after-tax income of the parents, including his or her income, if any.
  • Students must have earned at least a passing grade during their most recent academic year or term.
  • OSY should be of good moral character

Any dependent who meets the requirements under the first and second items mentioned above and who is displaced or is about to be displaced due to business closure or work stoppage as reported to DOLE may also apply under the SPES.


Participation in the program is open to anyone or any business that employs at least ten (10) people, including:

  • Educational institutions
  • Government-owned or controlled corporations
  • Labor unions
  • Local government units (LGUs)
  • National government agencies
  • Private businesses
  • Other similar organizations and associations



Students or Out-of-School Youth (OSY)

The following documents must be original:

  • Completed SPES Application Form


  • Copy of birth certificate or another document containing their birth date
  • The school’s registrar’s certification of the following:
  • The last enrollment of the student; and
  • The student’s Form 138, the original class card, or average passing grade
  • Copy of his or her parents’ most recent Income Tax Returns (ITR), a BIR certificate stating that the parents are exempt from paying taxes, or a Certificate of Indigent Status issued by the Barangay where the SPES applicant resides
  • Certificate of good moral character for Out of School Youth (OSY) issued by the authorized Barangay Official where the OSY resides


Provide pledges as stated in the Employer’s Pledge of Commitment to the DOLE through the PESO in charge of the area where their business is located. These pledges must include the number of openings, the required qualifications, their preference for a particular gender or age group, if any, and the number of SPES working days.

dole spes form

You may download a copy of the DOLE SPES Pledge of Commitment Form here –


The benefits provided by SPES to beneficiaries consist of the following:

  • A student’s employment under the SPES will be governed by an employment contract between the employer and the student in the manner and format specified by DOLE.
  • The student will receive payment in cash. A minimum of 60% of the applicable minimum wage or hiring rate will be covered by the employer, with the remaining 40% being covered by DOLE, excluding low-income LGUs.
  • On or before the start of the SPES working day, SPES beneficiaries who are employed by either a private or public establishment or entity are entitled to insurance coverage for one (1) year. To cover the SPES beneficiaries’ insurance premiums, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will give the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) the corresponding premium.



Duties & Responsibilities

The followings are the duties & responsibilities of OSY and Employers:

Students or Out-of-School Youth (OSY)

  • Follow the schedule outlined in the employment contract when reporting for work.
  • Follow company policies or the employer’s rules and regulations.
  • Perform the duties and responsibilities that your employer has assigned.
  • As required by SPES law, present the education voucher as payment for tuition and/or books.


  • Make sure the student won’t be forced to engage in risky activities that are prohibited by the Anti-Child Labor Law and its implementing rules and regulations.
  • Pay the SPES student’s full entitlement to all other monetary benefits and incentives as well as 60% of their salary or wage.
  • Pay the student in full for any applicable overtime pay or salary.
  • Use the Employer’s Pledge of Commitment to submit pledges and commitments to the DOLE Regional Office via PESO.
  • Not later than five (5) working days following the completion of the employment, submit the Terminal Report Form to the PESO, providing the number and names of the students hired, their occupation and nature of work, inclusive dates of employment reflecting the number of days worked, the wage rate and the total salary or wage paid to the student, as well as other relevant information, as applicable.


Period of Employment

In any case, the length of employment cannot exceed fifty-two (52) working days in a calendar year

Secondary/High School Students

  • Only over the summer and/or Christmas breaks.
  • The number of days cannot be less than twenty (20) nor greater than fifty-two (52) during the summer implementation period.
  • The number of days during Christmas implementation shall not be less than ten (10) nor greater than fifteen (15) working days.


  • Anytime during the year, but not less than twenty (20) working days or more than fifty-two (52) working days in 12 months.



How to Apply for DOLE Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)

Follow these instructions to quickly apply for DOLE SPES:

For Students or Out-of-School Youth (OSY)

Step 1: Complete and gather any required documentation.

Step 2: Visit the nearest Public Employment Service Office (PESO) in your area and inquire about SPES.

Step 3: Get ready for the initial screening and interview.

Step 4: The PESO will assess if you match the qualifications and requirements of the participating employer.

Step 5: You will be recommended to the employer for consideration if you are qualified for a position. You will be referred to another participating employer(s) if you are not selected.

For Employers

Step 1: Complete and gather any required documentation.

Step 2: Visit and inform the closest PESO for job matching.

Step 3: Wait for the PESO’s recommendation.

Video: DOLE’s Special Program for Employment of Students

Watch the detailed video below about the SPES. All PESO offices have the same requirements, qualifications, and application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions regarding “DOLE Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)” see the list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

1. What is SPES?

With the help of SPES, low-income students can finance their education while gaining experience in the workforce. Employers in the public and private sectors are required by the program to use students as temporary workers during the summer vacation period.

2. What is the purpose of SPES?

With the help of employment, the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) aims to encourage underprivileged but deserving students and youth not in school to continue their education. The program offers young people a beneficial experience for a smoother transition from school to work.

3. Does SPES qualify as work experience?

Yes. Beneficiaries of SPES can acquire knowledge and practical experience in the workplace.

4. How many hours a week can you work in the SPES program?

SPES beneficiaries under the age of eighteen (18) are not required to work past 10:00 pm to 6:00 am and are limited to eight (8) hours per day or 40 hours per week.


The annual SPES program, run by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and in collaboration with the DepEd Central Office, seeks to encourage students to make the most of their summer break by working and earning extra money. Beneficiaries who meet the requirements will work for not more than fifty-two (52) days and be paid 60% by the employer and 40% by DOLE, plus a daily allowance.

SPES is a great opportunity for students to begin using their knowledge in the workplace in addition to helping them in their studies.


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