DSWD Home for Girls Facility for Underaged Women

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Female children are often been subjected to abuse, either physical or sexual. Older women are often forced to marry older men in exchange for money. This is especially the case in rural areas, where there are few jobs available that allow a female adult to support herself and her children independently.

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Often times these women succumb to the financial pressures of their situation and accept this arrangement. Fortunately, DSWD has a home for them to go to, where they are fed and protected from such abuse. In this article, we will discuss the Home for Girls and its services offered.

dswd home for girls

What Is DSWD Home for Girls?

Home for Girls is a temporary, 24-hour residential facility that provides group living to meet the needs of girls below 18 years old who have special needs and cannot be adequately cared for by their own families or relatives over an extended period of time. The residential services allow residents to be appropriately cared for temporarily in a controlled therapeutic setting, with the goal of reuniting or reintegrating with their families and communities and leading a normal life.

The Home For Girls has a vision of providing a secure and cultivating environment for abused children in which they receive psychosocial interventions to help them overcome their traumas and start preparing for reintegration back with their families. On the other hand, the mission of the Home for Girls is to provide an extensive and needs-based framework for children’s rehabilitation in which they are given a variety of chances to achieve maximum and cultivate their potential while regaining their self-worth and dignity.


These are the following programs and services that can be acquired in DSWD Home for Girls:

  • Social Services – Assistance of integrated and comprehensive rehabilitation programs and services using an interdisciplinary framework for individuals’ physical, social, mental, and emotional health while being at the center.
  • Homelife Services – Assistance with basic needs such as clothing, food, and shelter, as well as trying to give and trying to teach the child household activities and work assignments based on her capacity, interest, and preparedness, all with the goal of offering a semblance of typical family life.
  • Educational Services – Provision of continuous education opportunities via non-formal or formal education in collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd) and NGOs
  • Psychological/Psychiatric Services – Administers psychological tests to determine the client’s aptitude, interests, and cognitive functioning. Girls who require psychiatric programs are referred to health institutions for professional assistance and treatment.
  • Health Services – provision and upkeep of physical, nutritional, and mental well-being. These include consultation and therapeutic interventions, medical and dental examinations, and referral to a hospital for further medical attention, assessment, and treatment.
  • Economic Productivity or Skills Training – Skills development and training provide girls with basic livelihood capabilities, to begin with, once they are reunited with their households or reintegrated into the community.
  • Recreational Sports – Conducts a variety of activities such as camps, sports, and social gatherings with the goal of fostering the girls’ well-rounded personalities.
  • Developmental Services – provision of activities to assist the resident in developing awareness and technical knowledge Planning and gaining access to skills training to prepare them for potential open and self-employment.
  • Spiritual Services – refers to programs or activities such as regular team prayer time and masses that will promote residents’ close relationship with God as well as brotherhood.


Their target clients are girls aged 18 and younger who:

  • Victims of Involuntary or Forced prostitution – refers to kids who were employed for jobs such as receptionists, waitresses, dancers, entertainers, and household help and were later forced to become prostitutes.
  • Victims of Illegal Recruitment – these are the children who were employed for a fee for different kinds of local or international employment but were subsequently victimized.
  • Physically abused Children – these are the children who refer to children who are mentally, physically and emotionally abused by their other family members, husbands, employers, and so on.
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse – these are the children who experienced rape and acts of lasciviousness

Video: Group Home For Girls (under DSWD)

Here is the video of the Home for Girls Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office XI, Davao City.

In the video, the Group Home for Girls is a shelter-care institution and a regional facility of the DSWD. It gives protection to girls ages 7 to 17 years old. The center was established in 1983 to help unwed mothers.

It rented a bungalow house at Matina, GSIS, Davao City through donations from the South Philippine Missions and SDA. It provides services and programs to the girls to help them recover from their experiences. The center provides social, mental, and emotional support to the girls while they are at the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the contact information of DSWD Home for Girls?

You can contact the Home for Girls through their phone number (033) 522-8941. Also, you can visit the website of the DSWD at https://www.dswd.gov.ph/.

2. What is the goal of the Home For Girls?

The Center’s goal is to help girls with special needs who are in particularly difficult situations resolve their problems and return to normal functioning, thus regaining their dignity and self-worth as individuals through the provision of defensive and restorative programs and services that prepare them for repatriation and community reintegration.

3. What are the Facility Services offered by the Home for Girls?

The Home for Girls offered various facility programs and services. These are Health Services, Residential Care, Group Living Programs and Activities, Psychosocial Testing, Spiritual and recreational Services, Social Services, and Livelihood Skills Development.

4. What are the Spiritual Services Offered by the Home For Girls?

Spiritual Services refer to programs or activities such as regular team prayer time and masses that will promote residents’ close relationship with God as well as brotherhood.

5. Does the Home for Girls provide Psychological Services?

Yes, the Home for Girls provides psychological services to help girls cope with any mental health concerns they may be experiencing. These include individual and family counseling sessions, as well as group therapy programs. Additionally, the home also offers specialized programming for trauma-affected individuals.


The DSWD Home for Girls is a shelter-care institution that provides protection to girls ages 7 to 17 years old. It aims to help girls with special needs who are in particularly difficult situations resolve their problems and recover from their experiences, thus regaining their dignity and self-worth as individuals.

The home offers a variety of services and programs that will surely benefit these girls admitted here.

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