How to Process DSWD Solo Parent ID for Single Parents

The DSWD Solo Parent ID is an identification card issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to solo parents and their children in order to avail of the benefits and privileges under the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000.

To apply for a DSWD Solo Parent ID, you will need to visit the nearest DSWD office and submit the necessary documentation requirements. The social welfare officers will evaluate your application and they will ask you to fill out the application form to register for the said identification card as a single parent.

You’ll find information about how to register as a solo parent in the Philippines, as well as a list of the rights and advantages you’ll enjoy as a result of your situation.

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A recent research conducted by the Department of Health and the University of the Philippines’ National Institute of Health and supported by the World Health Organization found that 14 million Filipinos are raising their children without a partner.

This may result from being orphaned, having a deceased loved one, or having a single status. Parenting on one’s own is a difficult job that affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

As a result, the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act (RA 11861) and the Act of 2000 (RA 8972) have been enacted to ease the burden on the 14 million Filipino mothers and fathers raising their children on their own.

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Who are considered Solo Parents in the Philippines?

A solo parent is defined as a mother or father who has sole custody and responsibility for the care and upbringing of her/his child or children. A solo parent is defined as a mother or father who has the responsibility of caring for and raising her/his child or children without the help of a spouse. This also applies to those who are pregnant and have no husband, as well as those who have legally adopted children.

The law also states that a solo parent must be:

  • Unmarried
  • Widowed
  • Divorced
  • An abandoned spouse
  • A legally separated spouse from an abusive marriage
  • A man or woman who has been declared by a court of law to be the natural father or mother of a child, even without a previous marriage
  • A man or woman who has adopted a child as single parent

What is A Solo Parent ID?

A card that identifies a single parent as the primary caretaker of their child is called a “solo parent identity card.” Using the card can get you free or reduced-price public transportation rides, concessions at various stores and restaurants, and early access to registration for academic tasks.

Those who are raising children on their own and have this ID can take advantage of various discounts and financial benefits offered by the government. Its purpose is to relieve some of the financial challenges that single parents face when taking care of their children by offering various forms of help.

These rights, as well as the Solo Parent ID, are only good for one year, but you are free to renew your Solo Parent ID on an annual basis.

What are the Benefits of Solo Parent ID from DSWD?

There are not a lot of Filipino single parents who are aware of the advantages that come with getting this kind of ID. If you don’t already have a Solo Parent ID, you should obtain one, so you may take advantage of the following benefits:

1. Parental Leave

Employees who are sole caretakers for their children are only permitted to take their parental leave in the following scenarios:

  • Participate in the important life moments of their children (birthday, graduation, etc.)
  • Carry out your responsibilities as a parent, such as registering your children for school and attending their programs.
  • Parents are accountable for providing for their children in all aspects of their requirements, including social, cultural, spiritual, and medical care.

2. Work Schedules That Are Flexible

In order for sole parents to be able to spend additional time with their children, they can approach their bosses and negotiate a more flexible work schedule. If there is no disruption to your regular working hours, it is likely that your request will be granted.

3. No Discrimination In The Workplace

There should never be an instance in which solo parents, whether or not they are married, are treated unfairly due to their status. They should not be restricted from the rights, freedoms, and benefits that couples have while they are taking care of their children, as it is unfair to do so.

4. Skills Training

Training in unique skills, participation in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors and activities, and poverty reduction programs are all opportunities that are made available to single parents and their children by various government agencies.

5. Counseling Service

Counseling services are available to single parents who are raising their children alone in order to help them strengthen their relationships with their children and other family members and to assist them in overcoming any issues that may come up with them in the future.

6. Services To Improve The Effectiveness Of Parents

This program seeks to increase the effectiveness of parents in the areas of child psychology, health care for their children, the handling of their children’s behaviors, and the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

7. Special Projects

Legal aid, crisis management, temporary lodging, and spiritual nourishment are some examples of the specific initiatives that are available for single parents.

8. Educational Benefits

Following an evaluation, single parents and their children may be eligible to participate in scholarship programs supported by the government organizations, such as DepEd, CHED, and TESDA.

9. Housing Assistance Programs

In the Philippines, single mothers and fathers have the same rights as any other parent to get an allocation in government housing developments. If they have an income that is lower than the poverty level, they are required by NEDA to be offered more easy financing choices.

10. Medical Assistance

Comprehensive health programs for single parents have been created by the Department of Health (DOH), and these programs will be conducted in major hospitals, local hospitals, provincial hospitals, and community clinics.

Who is Eligible to Get the Solo Parent ID from DSWD

An application for a Solo Parent ID can be submitted by any single parent living in the Philippines. According to Republic Act No. 8972, also known as the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000, the following people are considered to be single parents:

Women who give birth as a consequence of rape or other crimes are protected by the law even if the criminal is not found guilty of the offense and as long as the mother maintains and raises the kid.

Parents who are left to raise their children by themselves because either their partner has passed away or because their partner is imprisoned or serving a term for a criminal conviction that will last for at least one year are considered single parents.

Unmarried mothers and dads who chose to maintain and raise their kids rather than leaving them to the care of others or handing them over to a welfare institution.

Anyone except the biological parents who are primarily responsible for providing care and financial support to a kid or children

dswd solo parent id single parent application

Requirements For Solo Parent ID From DSWD

  • Municipality Registration and Certification
  • PSA child’s birth card.
  • Proof of your current financial condition, in the form of either an Income Tax Return (ITR) for employed or self-employed single parents or any other document considered relevant. You can also receive a certification showing your income from the treasurer of your municipality or the treasurer of your municipal government.
  • A certification from the Municipal Captain showing that you are a single parent is required.
  • DSWD’s Application Form may be obtained on their website.
  • Documentation in support of the claim, such as a Pronouncement of Nullity of Marriage, a Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), the death certificate of the partner, or a medical certificate as evidence of mental capacity in the event that the applicant is unable to make decisions for themselves.

How To Apply For Solo Parent ID From DSWD

The process of applying for a Solo Parent ID could be completed in just a few easy stages once you have acquired all of the documents that are required to do so. These processes are as follows:

1. Go to the DSWD Office

Visit the DSWD office that is most convenient for you and ask the staff there how to apply for a Solo Parent ID. Some local government units provide an online application for a Solo Parent ID, which allows you to simply upload your supporting papers and book an appointment for your evaluation. Check to see whether the government in your area provides this convenient online alternative to save you both time and money.

2. Upload All Of The Necessary Documents

Along with your completely filled-out application form, please provide all of the needed papers that were outlined above. After that, a social worker from DSWD will evaluate and analyze the application that you submitted for a Solo Parent ID.

3. Stay Patient and Await the Outcome of the Evaluation

It is anticipated that the selection procedure and application assessment will take around a month to finish.

4. Claim Your Parent ID

You will be given instructions on how to get your Solo Parent ID after your application has been accepted and processed. You will be able to get your ID from the same DSWD office that you used to submit your application.

Video: Solo Parent ID (Requirements & Procedures)

Who is eligible to receive solo parent id, and why should you worry about them if you don’t already have one? Here’s a video guide to help you:

Bringing up a child all by yourself might be a challenging task, but there are many wonderful advantages to maintaining your own identity while taking care of another person. Watching this video will provide you with the requirements and steps you need to take in order to obtain your ID if you are a single parent.

DSWD Solo Parent ID Application Form Online

The solo parent ID can be filled out by single parents at the DSWD office. This is provided by the government to help single parents get the benefits and support that they are entitled to. The form can be found on the website or at the office.

Fill out the DSWD solo parent application form with all the required information. Make sure that all the details are correct and accurate to avoid any delays in the processing of the application.

Attach all the required supporting documents to the application form. These include the birth certificate of the child, income tax return, and a certification from the municipality captain. Submit the requirements to the office and await further instructions. The social worker will evaluate the application and will get back to the applicant for further assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Solo Parent ID:

1. How long is a Solo Parent ID valid for?

The Solo Parent ID is valid for one year and can be renewed annually.

2. What are the benefits of having a Solo Parent ID?

Some benefits that come with having a Solo Parent ID are discounts on certain products and services, as well as special privileges when it comes to work and housing. Additionally, you will have access to support groups and counseling services specifically designed for single parents.

3. I am not a solo parent, but I know someone who is. Can I help them apply for a Solo Parent ID?

Yes, you can help them by providing the needed documents and filling out the application form on their behalf.

4. I am a solo parent but I do not reside in the Philippines. Can I still apply for a Solo Parent ID?

Yes, you can apply for a Solo Parent ID as long as you have all of the required documents. You will need to submit your application form and supporting documents to the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate in your area.

5. How do I Get Solo Parent ID Discounts?

Solo parents are eligible for a discount of 20% in some places, such as Quezon City and Pampanga. In addition, a measure that seeks to modify the Solo Parent Act is now being considered in the Senate.

6. Is A Solo Parent Id Accepted As A Valid Id?

Due to the fact that it is viewed to be more of a privileged ID, the Solo Parent ID is not often recognized as a valid form of identification when doing business with some government and non-government organizations such as banks. Nevertheless, when seeking for a national or civil service ID or taking the civil service test, a Solo Parent ID can be used as a legal form of identification.

7. How Long Must I Wait Before Receiving My Solo Parent Id?

The Department of Social and Welfare Services (DSWD) indicates that you might be required to wait up to 30 days from the day that you submitted your application due to the amount of time necessary to carry out evaluations and analyze the single-parent application.

8. Any Tax Exemption For Single Parents?

No, single mothers and fathers are not excused from paying taxes because of their status. On the other hand, if they have a valid Solo Parent ID, they are eligible for a discount of 10% on essential items like milk and medications.

9. Do Only Non-Working Parents Qualify for the Solo Parent ID?

No, in accordance with the Single Parents Welfare Act of 2000, the Single Parent ID card is available to every single parent, regardless of whether or not they are currently employed. Additionally, now that RA 11861 has been signed into law, a greater number of people are eligible to apply for the Solo Parent ID and take advantage of the expanded benefits it offers.


Being a single parent in the Philippines is a challenging situation, particularly in light of the present state of the economy.

However, because of the provisions of the Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000, being a single parent is now somewhat less challenging. These advantages include reduced prices at grocery stores, free college tuition, and financial aid for housing.

You will, however, need to get a Solo Parent ID from the Department of Social Welfare and Development in order to be eligible for these benefits. In order to do so, you must first visit that agency. The procedure is straightforward and finishes in a matter of a few minutes. If you are a parent who is raising a child or children on your own, it is important that you obtain a valid identification card now.

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