Filipina Injured in Singapore Car Accident Now in Philippines, Receives Assistance from OWWA Regional Welfare Office 1

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In a recent updated from OWWA, one of the victims of the Singapore Lucky Plaza car crash has finally gone back home to the Philippines after almost 2 months since the accident occurred.

Ms. Laila Laundencia, Filipina household service worker who hails from San Fernando City in La Union, has returned to the country last February 3, 2020 and is trying to fully recover from her injuries. The accident left a fracture on her right leg.

Below is the said post from ANC News Alert regarding the said incident:

OWWA RWOI Releases Medical Assistance and Livelihood Assistance to Singapore OFW Household Service Worker

Last December 19, 2019, six Overseas Filipino Workers got involved in a tragic car crash in Singapore which left 2 Filipinas dead and 4 injured. This accident happened in Lucky Plaza on a Sunday while many residents are on their days off. The families of the victims have been notified about the crash. The incident took place when a 64-year-old driver crashed through a pavement rail and into a group of Filipinos.

The team from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Regional Welfare Office 1 (OWWA RWOI) contacted the victim and her family in order to provide assistance and secure her condition.

As an OFW working abroad, Laila was able to claim her OWWA benefits for being an OWWA member. She was able to claim a sum of PHP 10,000 for medical assistance and also PHP 20,000 as livelihood assistance. She claimed these benefits together with a relative at the OWWA RWOI office.

As per reports, Laila was happy that she was able to get some benefits from OWWA given her condition that the is unable to physically work. Laila expressed appreciation over the benefits she was able to claim from OWWA and that the monetary assistance is a big help for her and her family especially her children.

Here’s a video shared online regarding the tragic accident:

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