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Hello to everyone. Welcome to OwwaMember.com. This is a community website aimed to help overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to learn more about the services and benefits of becoming an OWWA Member.

OWWA stands for Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and this institution serves as a part of the Philippine’s Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the role of OWWA is that it protects the rights of OFWs and also promotes their welfare as well as the welfare of their dependents.

It is really important that we are aware of our rights as an employee abroad. After all, we are living in a different country and we should be prepared of unexpected situations and emergencies.

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As Filipinos, we should also be aware that there are are government offices dedicated for us in case we need assistance. As we all face different challenges working abroad, let us make sure that we get the right support from the Philippine government.

Hence, this website was created to unite the community of Filipinos and to serve as an online portal that educates and shares knowledge on services and important announcements for our fellow kababayans abroad.

Overseas Filipino Workers have been considered as modern-day heroes as many seek opportunities abroad and help with the community through our remittances. Let us always find value in ourselves and seek assistance whenever we need it. This is the intention why OWWA was created as an arm of the government.

We hope that you visit owwamember.com every now and then to get the latest updates and tips from OWWA.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that owwamember.com is not an official Ph government website. This is an informational website only that aims to share helpful instructions and guidance that makes it easier for the rest of the Filipinos to understand. If you have any specific inquiries regarding your situation, please visit the official website which is owwa.gov.ph. 

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