PESO – Public Employment Service Office – Purpose, Functions and Responsibilities

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The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) through its Public Employment Service Office (PESO) plays an important role in promoting work, ensuring job security, and facilitating job matching services that would benefit both employers and job seekers.

DOLE PESO Office Philippines provides a wide range of services and programs that helps in improving the employment situation in the country, such as providing technical assistance to local government units (LGUs) and employers, offering specialized skills training for different sectors, and helping displaced workers find jobs.

The PESO office also encourages responsible business practices by requiring contractors to hire locally and pay fair wages, among other things. Aside from this, this PH government office is open to all kinds of job seekers including students, out-of-school youth, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), persons with disabilities (PWDs), and migratory workers. All applicants must be of legal age and meet the qualifications for the position they are applying for.

The PESO Philippines is an important government agency that works hard to ensure the welfare of Filipino workers all over the country. Their commitment to providing a safe working environment and helping Filipinos find better work opportunities is something worth recognizing. So as a Filipino looking for employment, you can go to your local PESO office and avail of the different services they provide.

what is peso office public employment service office phlippines

What is DOLE’s PESO Office?

In accordance with RA No. 8759, also known as the PESO Act of 1999, as amended by RA No. 10691, the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) is a non-fee charging multi-dimensional employment service facility or entity established in all Local Government Units (LGUs) in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

This public office has broad goals that assure local job seekers and provide them with the most recent information on employment and other DOLE programs. Read the article to know more about DOLE PESO.

Through referral and placement, career counseling, training, and seminars, PESO aims to fill job vacancies. Employers, job seekers, students, youngsters not enrolled in school, migrant workers, and people with disabilities are just a few of the groups that PESO accommodates.

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logo of PESO Office


  • Act as a center of referral and information for the various DOLE services and programs and those offered by other local government agencies.
  • Create a space where people can simultaneously look into different employment options and request the assistance they want.
  • Ensure that clients have access to sufficient information about the local labor market and employment situation.
  • Make sure that employment services are delivered immediately, effectively, and efficiently, as well as that information about other DOLE programs is provided.
  • Connect with other PESOs in the region to discuss employment for job exchange.


  • By making referrals for these programs, you can give people with entrepreneurial qualities access to the various self-employment and livelihood opportunities provided by governmental and non-governmental organizations at the provincial, city, municipal, and barangay levels.
  • Conduct pre-employment orientation and counseling for aspiring local and international employees.
  • Conduct training and seminars on improving employability for people looking for work as well as those looking to switch careers or improve their employability. TESDA currently supervises this function, which is carried out by other training.
  • Create and implement testing and evaluation toolkits for efficient training, counseling, and job selection.
  • Encourage employers to regularly submit a list of open positions to the PESO to facilitate the exchange of labor market information services between employers and job seekers by offering employment services to job seekers, both for local and international employment, and recruitment assistance to employers.
  • Give returning Filipino migrant workers assistance with their reintegration.
  • Offer career counseling, mass motivation, and activities that foster the development of values.
  • Perform the tasks necessary to wilfully implement the Act’s objectives.

PESO Programs and Services

PESO offers different programs and services to meet the needs of job seekers, employers, and other stakeholders. Here are some of them:

1. Jobs Fairs

These will be held on a regular basis across the country to bring job seekers and employers together in one place for immediate matching.

2. Livelihood and Self-employment Bazaars

These will inform clients about the variety of livelihood programs they prefer to use, especially in rural areas.

3. Special Credit Assistance for Placed Overseas Workers

Poor but qualified applicants will be able to take advantage of opportunities for employment abroad with the help of this kind of assistance.

4. Special Program for Employment of Students and Out-of-School Youth (SPESOS)

In accordance with Republic Act No. 7323 and its implementing rules, this program will make an effort to find employment for deserving students, out-of-school youths, and out-of-school youths from low-income families during the summer or Christmas breaks so they can continue their education.

5. Work Appreciation Program (WAP)

Through exposure to real-world professional situations, this program aims to develop the values of work appreciation and ethics in young people.

6. Workers Hiring for Infrastructure Projects (WHIP)

This program complies with Republic Act No. 6685, which mandates that construction firms, including the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and contractors for government-funded infrastructure projects, hire thirty percent (30%) of skilled labor and fifty percent (50%) of unskilled labor requirements from the areas where the project is constructed/located.

7. Other programs or activities developed by DOLE

It is to improve the services offered to PESO clients in terms of employment assistance, especially for special groups of underprivileged workers like people with disabilities (PWDs) and displaced workers.

PESO Clients

In case you are wondering who are the people that the PESO office serves, they can be classified into the following broad categories:

  • Displaced Workers
  • Employers
  • Jobseekers
  • Labor Market Information Users
  • Migratory workers
  • Out-of-School Youth
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
  • Planners
  • Returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) / Balik Manggagawa
  • Researchers
  • Students


Anyone of legal age may apply for a job at DOLE PESO, which has a variety of vacancies with varying age requirements.


There are different requirements for job seekers depending on what job they are looking for. Below is a list of the basic documents that employers, agencies, and job seekers need.

For Job Seekers:

  • Certificate of Employment (CV)
  • Diploma
  • Resume or CV

For Direct Companies:

  • Business Permit
  • Company Profile
  • Job Vacancies

For Local Agencies:

  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Company Profile
  • DOLE Certificate of No Pending Case
  • DOLE Permit
  • Job Vacancies
  • List of Clients

For Overseas Agencies:

  • Company profile
  • Job Order
  • Job Vacancies
  • POEA Permit

what is peso office philippines

How to Apply for a Job at DOLE PESO Office for Employment Seekers

For Filipinos looking for jobs, you may register at the nearest PESO office. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare your resume or CV and the necessary documents, such as a diploma or other proof of education.

Step 2: Visit your local provincial, city, municipal, NGO, CBO, or SUC to register.

Step 3: If you are qualified, you will either be scheduled for an interview or given a direct interview.

How to Post a PESO Office Job Hiring Listing for Employers

For employers in the Philippines who wish to post job vacancies in their local PESO offices, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare a job vacancy listing for your company or organization. Include all necessary information such as job title, description, qualifications, and requirements.

Step 2: Write a request letter outlining all the job vacancies, their qualifications, and requirements.

Step 3: Visit and inform the closest PESO for job matching.

How to Apply for Employment Data at PESO Office for Researchers, Planners, and Labor Market Information Users

There are cases where researchers, planners, and labor market information users need to access the necessary data on employment. To apply for such information, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare a letter of request detailing your purpose for accessing data from PESO offices.

Step 2: Visit the closest PESO, make inquiries, and acquire any available materials.

Step 3: Submit the letter together with other requirements such as proof of research affiliation and identity card.

Step 4: Wait for approval from the PESO administrator before gaining access to data.

PESO Office Region Directory Philippin

As there are a number of PESO offices all over the Philippines, we have provided a directory for you to locate your closest one. For more information and contact details so you can make inquiries about their services and job offerings.

You may access the PESO branches and locations in your region here –

We hope these guidelines help you in understanding how to utilize the services of the DOLE PESO office, and that it will be helpful in finding a suitable job or employer for you! If you need any additional assistance or clarification on matters related to employment, please feel free to contact and visit the office.

Video: PESO Registration Guide

Here’s a video outlining some tips on how to register at your nearest Public Employment Service Office in your region:

We hope this guide will help you in understanding the different requirements for jobseekers and employers when utilizing the services of the PESO office!

Video: Interview questions and answers for a job

The main objective of DOLE PESO is to assist both employers and job seekers in finding the ideal position. Some employers interview people on the same day as well. Watch the video below for guidance on how to respond to typical interview questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions regarding “DOLE Public Employment Service Office (PESO)” see the list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

1.  What is the Public Employment Service Office (PESO)?

The Public Employment Service Office (PESO) is a multi-service provider that does not charge fees. The PESO offers a wide variety of employment services. This includes offering services like career counseling, job coaching, labor market information and analysis, and employment facilitation.

2.  What is the DOLE PESO office hours?

DOLE PESO is open Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (except holidays).

3.  Is there an age requirement to apply for DOLE PESO?

The minimum age to apply to DOLE PESO is 18.

4.  Can I go directly to the DOLE PESO office?

Yes. Just make sure to check with the DOLE PESO to see if they are open.

5.  Is there any payment in DOLE PESO?

In collaboration with the Department of Labor and Employment, DOLE PESO is a multifaceted employment service facility or organization that is available to all Local Government Units (LGUs) WITHOUT charging any fees (DOLE).

6. What services does the DOLE PESO offer?

DOLE PESO offers a wide range of services such as career counseling, job coaching, labor market information and analysis, employment facilitation, job posting and placement, skills training programs. They also provide assistance to employers seeking for qualified workers.

7.  Do I need to register before visiting the DOLE PESO office?

Yes, you need to register at the Local Government Unit (LGU) or its designated offices like Public Employment Service Office (PESO). This is in order to gain access to all services offered by DOLE PESO.

8.  What documents do I need to bring when visiting the DOLE PESO office?

When visiting a local DOLE PESO office, make sure to bring two copies of your resume and transcript of records; valid identification card; course outline from your school/academic institution; birth certificate (if applying for job abroad); police clearance certificate; NBI clearance; barangay permit or certification. Also, bringing a copy of your skills assessment or competency certificate may be necessary depending on the type of job you are applying for.

9.  What is the maximum number of times I can visit a DOLE PESO office in a month?

You can visit a DOLE PESO office as many times as you want within one (1) month, but only if there are available resources and services that would help you with your employment needs. Each visit should have an approved agenda from the LGU or its designated offices like PESO. It is important to note that all visits must comply with existing health protocols in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Public Employment Service Office (PESO) is one of DOLE’s programs and services. PESO is a diverse employment service facility or organization established in all Local Government Units (LGUs) that does not charge fees. Both employers or agencies and job seekers will benefit greatly from it because they will find what is the best fit for them.

Although there is a clear mandate, not all LGUs have an institutionalized PESO in their locality, which has an impact on the benefits to their constituents. The organization must complete two phases to institutionalize a PESO, after which it must request a DOLE evaluation.

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