Affidavit of Support & Guarantee in PH Embassy Beijing, China

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The Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) (or letter of authorization, letter of invitation, or certifications) may be notarized by the Philippine Embassy in Beijing, China. It can also acknowledge the signing of instruments and issue certifications for use in the Philippines by including a jurat/acknowledgment/certification page to your document.

A jurat’s primary goal is to prove, under penalty of perjury, that the signatory is telling the truth about the contents of the document. Personal appearance is essential since the signature vows before the consular officer that everything in the document is true and correct.

The Philippine Embassy, located at 23 Xiu Shui Beijie, Jianguomenwai, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 100600, is where OFWs who live in Beijing can file an ASG. The applicant needs to provide both a photocopy and the original passport. The applicant has two options: either make an appointment or submit the ASG directly to the Philippine Embassy. The Embassy is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Keep in mind that additional documentation, such as Certificate of Single Status or Certificate of No Marriage Record, CENOMAR with PSA authentication, or Documents proving your income may be required by a consular officer.

Using an ASG does not ensure entry or the issuance of a visa. It is merely an application for the supporting documents required for the visa. Employees of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) usually request ASG documents from Filipinos planning to travel to Beijing to see their relatives.

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Filipinos living in Beijing with first to fourth degrees of consanguinity or affinity can apply to sponsor a relative by completing and submitting an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG).

First Degree

  • Child
  • Parent
  • Spouse

Second Degree

  • Brother/Sister
  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild
  • Parent-in-law
  • Daughter/Son-in-law

Third Degree

  • Aunt/Uncle
  • Nephew/Niece
  • Great grandparents
  • Great grandchild
  • Grandparents-in-law
  • Brother/Sister-in-law
  • Grandchild-in-law

Fourth Degree

  • Great Grandparents-in-law
  • Aunt/Uncle-in-law
  • First cousin-in-law
  • Nephew/Niece-in-law
  • Great grandchild-in-law
  • Great great grand parents
  • Great Aunt/Uncle
  • First Cousin
  • Grand Nephew/Niece


The following are the basic requirements for ASG:

  • Applicant’s personal appearance
  • Unsigned ASG form – Please check the format below for reference.
  • Original and photocopy of the applicant’s passport data page, as well as a valid government-issued identification document (such as a Chinese national ID)
  • Original and photocopy of the business license of the company that signed the contract (NOTE: The signatory of the document must be the authorized representative of the business as stated in the business license) to acknowledge labor/corporate contracts.
  • A notarial fee of RMB 190.00 for every set of documents

Additional necessary documentation, if required.

  • Certificate of Single Status or Certificate of No Marriage Record
  • CENOMAR with PSA authentication
  • Documents proving your income (bank statements, employment contracts, pay slips, etc.).

How to Apply for ASG at the PH Embassy Office in Beijing

Be advised that you need to set up an appointment for ASG at the Philippine Embassy. Follow the steps belo.

Step 1: Click the link to book an appointment for Notarization here –

Step 2: Click on “Authentication/Notarization/NBI Clearance Fingerprinting”.

Affidavit of Support PH Embassy Beijing

Step 3: Choose your provider.

ASG authorization PH Embassy Beijing

Step 4: If you would like to schedule another service, click the “plus” symbol. If the Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) is your only concern, click “Skip.”

Step 5: Choose the date & time that suits your schedule.

PH Embassy Beijing appointment

Step 6: Choose your login options. If you don’t already have an account, create a new profile.

To Create New Profile

  • Enter your first and last name, email address, and password.
  • Enter your personal information here, including your contact number, address, city, state, zip code, comments (optional), and WeChat (optional).
  • Review your information, tick the boxes, and then select “Book.”

Create new profile for appointment PH Embassy Beijing

Step 7: Screenshot the confirmation of your booking.

Screenshot of Appointment notarization ASG Beijing PH Embassy

Step 8: Gather all the required documentation. Don’t forget to bring the photocopies and original documents; do not sign the ASG form.

Step 9: Show up at the scheduled time and date at the Philippine Embassy in Beijing.

Step 10: Submit to your chosen provider the ASG form and the necessary documentation.

Step 11: Wait patiently until your name or number is called by the consular officer.

Step 12: Sign the necessary documents in front of the consular officer of the Embassy.

Step 13: Pay the notarial fee of RMB 190.00.

Step 14: Save the receipt and come back on the specified date to pick up the notarized document(s).

Important Reminders

  • It is required that all documents be legally translated into English.
  • It is not necessary for young children (17 years of age and under) or seniors (60 years of age and above) to request an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG).
  • The document(s) must be signed by the applicant in person in front of the Embassy consular officer.
  • The notary certifies that the person or people signing the document are doing so truthfully, voluntarily, and free from any external pressure. The legitimacy of the information in the document cannot be questioned by the notary public or the embassy.
  • For the documents to be notarized, the applicant’s real legal name has to match with the name on their passport. The applicant’s passport and any other valid government-issued identification must also match the signature on the notarial document.

Sample Template Affidavit of Support Form by Embassy PH Beijing

The Philippine Embassy in Beijing provides a sample template for the Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) form that can be used as a reference. However, it is still subject to change depending on the current situation and relationship between the sponsor and sponsored person.


Video: Sinu-sinu ang hinahanapan ng Immigration ng Proof of Financial Capability vs. Affidavit of Support

Watch the YouTuber HB Visa Consultancy & Services explain the difference in Affidavit of Support and Guarantee and Financial Capability in the video below. The YouTuber further explains who needs to provide Proof of Financial Capability to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) and who is not before receiving permission to depart the country.

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