Affidavit of Support and Guarantee in PH Consulate Melbourne, Australia

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The Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne may notarize, legalize, or consularize private documents such as Affidavits of Support & Guarantee (ASG) if they are completed, signed, and executed in front of a consular official or representative.

OFWs living in Melbourne can apply for ASG at the Philippine Consulate General, which is situated on Level 10, 257 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Notarial services in PCG Melbourne are only offered by appointment. Please be aware that the application must be submitted with certain requirements, such as a valid ID, attached.

The presence of an ASG does not guarantee the approval of a visa, tourist visa, or admission. ASG functions as a type of form for the documentation required for getting a visa, tourist visa, or admission. ASG is usually requested by Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) authorities from Filipinos who get support from their relatives  in Australia.

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Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) must be completed and submitted by Filipino residents in Melbourne to sponsor members of their family up to the fourth degree.


Submit in the following two sets:

  • Confirmed scheduled appointment (Note: Before the appointment date, please confirm with the sponsored individual in the Philippines the number of ORIGINAL COPIES that are needed.)
  • Personal appearance of the signatory
  • ASG documents. The applicant can use the following link to download a template or create and use their own. (sample here –
  • Valid identification that includes the holder’s photo and signature (please bring photocopies of identification for every document that needs to be notarized). A valid government-issued identity card, such as a passport or driver’s license, must match the name on the document for it to be accepted.
  • A4-sized, self-addressed “Express Post” envelope for local or domestic usage only, to be used for returning or delivering your documents. You can buy or obtain this from any Australia Post office. The amount of documents submitted will affect the envelope size. In the envelope, write your address in Australia where you will be receiving your document.
  • The processing fee is A$45.00 (available exclusively via cash and debit cards) per document and is not refundable.

The Philippine Consulate General may require the following documents or proofs.

  • Proof of estimated income
  • Proof of relationship

Note: The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) offers an Apostille Certificate. If an applicant is unable to present in person at the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne to submit and process ASG, they can file an Apostille Certificate by clicking the link here –

How to Apply for ASG in PCG Office in Melbourne

Follow these steps to apply for an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) at PCG Melbourne:

Step 1: Click and open the following link to get an appointment here –

Step 2: Read, scroll down, tick the box, then click Next.

Step 3: Choose “Consular Notarization / Legalization” as your Service then click Next.

appointment melbourne affidavit of support and guarantee notarization

Step 4: Select your appointment date and time, tick the “I’m not a robot” box, then click Next. Note: Red means fully booked; green means available.

notary appointment melbourne affidavit of support and guarantee

Step 5: Type your personal information then click Next.

appointment melbourne affidavit of support and guarantee application

Step 6: Review your personal details then click Submit.

review asg melbourne

Step 7: Check your email and click “Confirm Appointment”. Please respond in no more than thirty (30) minutes.

appointment details appointment melbourne affidavit of support and guarantee

Notice: If you didn’t receive an email, kindly look through your SPAM and Junk folders. Mails generated by the appointment system may be mistakenly categorized as spam and sent to your Junk/SPAM folder, depending on your email provider and computer configuration.

Step 8: Capture and save your confirmed appointment.

confirmed appointment notarials melbourne australia

Step 9: Get every necessary document ready. Bring two sets of documents and the required return envelope.

Step 10: Visit the PCG in Melbourne at the time of your appointment. Kindly note that you should not arrive earlier than fifteen (15) minutes before your appointment schedule.

Step 11: Submit the ASG form, along with all the supporting documentation and a self-addressed return envelope, to the notary counter.

Step 12: Personnel of PCG will prepare the signature-required documents. Wait patiently till your number or name is called.

Step 13: Sign the document(s) in front of PCG officials/authorities.

Step 14: Pay the non-refundable processing fee of A$45.00 (Cash and Debit Card only) for each document.

Step 15: After all requirements have been met, the notarized document(s) will be mailed to the applicant’s Australian address using the “Express Post” envelope they have submitted, and they will arrive there within three (3) working days.

Note: While the documents are in the courier service’s custody or are delayed in the mail, the Philippine Consulate disclaims all liability for such events.

Sample Template Download for ASG Form in Melbourne

So you can have a better idea of the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee for Filipinos in Melbourne, here’s a sample template you can download:

affidavit of support and guarantee melbourne australia_page-0001

Remember, that the above is a guide only and you may write your own format, provided you include all the necessary information.

Important Reminders

Remind yourself of the following in processing ASG:

  • Seniors (60+) and minors (17 and under) are not compelled to submit Affidavits of Support and Guarantee (ASG) forms.
  • The appointment system distributes slots according to the order in which they are received. Your preferred choice may not always be available due to slot limitations.
  • Provide the online forms with your full, honest, and accurate attention to detail, filling it out in all the fields.
  • You’ll get an email with updates and information about the status of your reservation. The email confirming the booking you selected may not be sent by the server right away.
  • If, after a significant amount of time, no message shows in your inbox, check your Junk/SPAM folder for a confirmation email.
  • Your application will be automatically rejected if any document(s) you submit are confusing, incomplete, or wrong.
  • In-person, under the observation of officials or authorities from the Philippine Consulate, the applicant or principal must sign the document(s).
  • It is not possible to notarize or consularize any document if the name on a government-issued ID is different from the applicant’s actual legal name. Additionally, the applicant’s valid government-issued ID must match the signature on the notarial document.
  • ASG notarized and consularized documents can only be retrieved through the mail.
  • The Philippine Consulate General disclaims any responsibility for documents that are delayed in the mail or that are under the control of the courier provider.


The BI requested ASG for visas, which are typically requested from Filipinos with relatives’ support. Aside from ASG, there are many requirements needed for your visa, tourist visa, and admission approval. Watch the video below by YouTuber Cindyrella Gee as she discusses the procedure and requirements to apply for a tourist Visa in Australia.


Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne
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