Affidavit of Support and Guarantee in PH Consulate Toronto, Canada

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Anyone who needs to sign legal documents, such as an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG), that need to be used in the Philippines, must show up in person at the Consulate General so they can sign the necessary documents.

Overseas Filipino Workers who live in Toronto can apply for ASG at the Philippine Consulate General, located on the 7th Floor, 160 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4P 3B5. Before visiting the PCG, the applicant must schedule an online appointment. The Philippine Consulate General is restricting the number of consular applicants per hour and will not be accepting walk-ins due to Ontario’s COVID-19 limits on large crowds.

The existence of an ASG does not guarantee the issuance of a visa or admission. It functions as a kind of form for the documents required for getting a visa. ASG documents are usually requested by Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) authorities from Filipinos who are getting family support or who plan to visit relatives in Canada.

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affidavit of support and guarantee application toronto canada


Filipino residents in Toronto who want to sponsor relatives up to the fourth degree must file and notarize an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG).


Please provide the following in two sets, one original and one photocopy:

  • Applicant’s personal appearance
  • Completed original ASG form, but not signed. You can either fill out the form that the PCG provides or create your form. here’s a sample – PCG Form:
  • The applicant must present a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license, permanent residence card, Ontario photo card, Philippine passport (for Filipino citizens), or Canadian citizenship card (for Canadian citizens).
  • Notarial/Authentication fees of CAD$36.25, for each set of documents. Personal checks are not accepted for payment; applicants may pay with cash or a money order or bank draft made payable to the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto. As an alternative, applicants may choose to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, or debit cards to make their electronic payments.

The Philippine Consulate General has the right to request more documentation or proof:

  • Proof of income potential
  • Proof of a relationship

How to Apply for ASG at the PCG Office in Toronto, Canada

Follow the steps to apply by APPOINTMENT for an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) at PCG Toronto:

Step 1: Click and visit the link here to set up an appointment for notarial –

Step 2: Scroll down and click the “Click to Continue” button.

Step 3: Read then tick the box and click “New Appointment”.

Affidavit of Support Guarantee Toronto PCG Office

Step 4: Read the reminders and click OK.

appointment for Affidavit of Support Guarantee Toronto PCG Office guide

Step 5: Fill-up the needed information, review, tick the box, then click Next. Note: Asterisk * means it is mandatory.

Affidavit of Support Guarantee toronto canada application

Step 6: If you want to book other service(s), click “Add Other Service”. If you only want notarization of ASG, click “Next”.

Affidavit of Support Guarantee Toronto PCG Office notarial

Step 7: Review your application’s details. Check if the phone number and email you are using are correct. To confirm your appointment, an SMS with an OTP (one-time password) will be sent to your mobile number and email address.

Note: If your reservation is not verified within 27 minutes, it will be canceled.

Step 8: Check you email address or mobile number for OTP.

Affidavit of Support Guarantee Toronto PCG Office guide

Step 9: Take a screenshot of your reference number.

Step 10: For instructions and details about your appointment, check your email account.

Step 11: Gather the required documents. Don’t forget to bring one set of original documents and one set of photocopies.

Step 12: Show up at the scheduled date and time at the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto.

Step 13: Bring the ASG form to the notarial counter together with the needed documents.

Step 14: PCG personnel will prepare the documentation that needs to be signed. Wait patiently for PCG personnel to call your name or number.

Step 15: Sign all the necessary documentation in front of the PCG personnel.

Step 16: Pay the notarial fee

Step 17: Keep the receipt and give it to PCG personnel on the date specified to get the ASG document(s).

Via Mail Option

Follow the steps to apply via MAIL for an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) at PCG Toronto:

Step 1: Gather the required documents that need to be notarized. Don’t forget to bring one set of original documents and one set of photocopies.

Step 2: Get the documents notarized by any Ontario notary public.

Step 3: Deliver or mail the notarized document(s) to the Official Documents Services (ODS) on Main Floor, 222 Jarvis St., Toronto, ON, M7A 0B6 for authentication. For further information, please go to: Official Documents Services (ODS).

Step 4: Submit the authenticated documents to the Consulate General for final authentication:


Please make sure the envelope is a self-addressed Canada Post express post envelope and include your contact number.

All documents related to the residents of MANITOBA must be notarized by a notary public appointed in the province and then submitted for authenticity to the Department of Growth, Enterprise, and Trade of Manitoba’s approved authentication officers, who are located on the 10th Floor, Rm. 1034, at 405 Broadway, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3L6 at telephone number 1-204.945 26 54. For final authentication, the authenticated document should be mailed to the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto along with a return self-addressed express post envelope and the authentication fee payment of CAD$36.25 per document (by money order or bank draft payable to the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto).

Step 5: Upon receipt of the document/s with the requirements, the duly-notarized document will be released after two (2) working days.

Template Affidavit Form

To give you a reference , here’s a downloadable and editable copy of the PCG ASG Form

Affidavit of Support Guarantee Toronto Canada template form_page-0001

Video: Offloaded at the Philippine Immigration: Traveling with a Sponsor but NO Affidavit of Support

One of the documents that the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) demands before you leave the country, especially if your travel is sponsored, is the Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG). Watch the YouTuber Honeylith Rudz’s video below to learn more about the use of Affidavit of Support & Guarantee (ASG) and tips to avoid offloaded.

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