How to Get OEC in Tripoli, Libya Online

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OFWs based in Libya can get an OEC in Philippine Overseas Labor Office in the Philippines. But before you can get your OEC, you need to consider and secure other important things first.

As a Filipino worker in Libya, you must know the correct papers and documents to secure. Whenever you are going to the Philippines, you need to obtain an OEC to return to Libya for work. However, the Philippine Embassy is implementing some conditions because of the deployment ban in order for you to get an OEC.

Continue reading this article to gain some insights on the implementation of the deployment ban and who can only be issued an OEC by the POEA.

how to apply for oec in polo tripoli libya

What is OEC, and why is it important to Filipino workers abroad?

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) issues an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) that validates an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) as a legally documented Filipino worker abroad. Without the OEC, the worker will not be allowed to leave the Philippines by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) at the airport terminal. With that said, the OEC is one of the most significant documents you must provide to the BI Officer for review and approval before leaving the Philippines. In addition, the OEC will waive the travel tax and airport terminal costs for Filipino workers.


OFWs, especially those in the oil and gas industry, who intend to go to the Philippines but will be returning to work in Libya, should first get their exemption certificates before departing for the Philippines.

The exemption certificate is required for the issuance of an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). These certifications are only valid for the current year or until work contracts expire.

The following are the requirements that OFW must present to the Embassy to get an Exemption Certificate:

  • Employment Contract;
  • Letter/Employment Certificate from Company indicating the Date of Hiring, Place of Work and the Distance from Tripoli;
  • Copies of Passport, Residence Visa, and Exit and Reentry Visa (Workers deployed after 2016 should submit a copy of their first entry visa to Libya and affidavit or sworn statement on how the employer hired them.)
  • Masterlist of Filipino Employees working in the company,
  • Payment of LYD35.00

To prevent any trouble while applying for OECs in the POEA, the Philippine Embassy in Libya recommends the applicants submit all additional OEC requirements so that they can be attached to their Exemption Certificate:

  • Letter from the employer requesting for the return of the OFW;
  • Certificate of Salaries and benefits;
  • Medical and Life Insurance;
  • Contingency Plan;
  • Guarantee of immediate repatriation based on submitted Contingency Plan;
  • Undertakings from Employer on the following; that the salary of the OFW must be in U.S. dollars or Euro and not Libyan Dinars; that the Employers are solidarity liable for delayed and/or unpaid salaries; that the Employers are directly employed (not contracted/outsourced or subcontracted by reputable national companies under the National Oil Corporation; and that the nature of the work of OFWs will not require them to be sent to work in remote oil, gas and water fields.

OFWs must submit all required documents in their original form with two (2) photocopies. (Original for the POEA and Certified True Copy for the Bureau of Immigration.)

Requirements for securing an OEC in the POEA

When applying for OEC, POEA will require OFWs returning to Libya to present the following, among others:

  • existing labour contract (in English, if in Arabic with English translation),
  • valid working visa in Libya, and
  • copy of passport pages showing exit stamp in Libya and entry stamp in the Philippines

Suppose an OFW in Libya needs the Philippine Overseas Work Office (POLO) to verify her or his labour contract before coming to the Philippines. In that case, the OFW must submit the following information to POLO, either in person or through an agent:

  • existing labour contract (in English, if in Arabic then with English translation; the contract must be new – 2018; submit two copies, original and photocopy, a photocopy will be filed)
  • valid working visa in Libya (submit two copies, a photocopy will be filed)
  • photocopy of passport


Due to the implementation of deployment ban in Libya and on the recommendation of the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Governing Board of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has allowed the issuance of an overseas employment certificate (OEC) or exit clearance to Filipino workers who intend to visit the Philippines and return to resume their jobs in Libya under certain conditions.

The Governing Board, chaired by Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III, issued G.B. Resolution No. 12, Series of 2019 authorizing the processing and issuance of OECs to Filipinos currently working in Tripoli and other areas within a 100-kilometre radius of the capital who have obtained a Certificate of Conditional Exemption from the Philippine Embassy in Tripoli.

The conditional exemption will be following humanitarian reasons as decided by the Department of Foreign Affairs, such as the necessity to travel to the Philippines due to:

  • death or sickness in the immediate family
  • to accompany and assist a member of the immediate family for the purpose of relocation, school examinations or registration, and medical treatment
  • to attend urgent banking and financing transactions
  • to file court cases or appear in court hearings

OFWs can also go to the Philippines and back to Libya if the Philippine Embassy in Tripoli determines that there are other justifiable reasons or important circumstances.

How much does it cost to get an OEC in Libya?

Payment of LYD35.00 for the certificate of exemption

Employment contract verification fee of LYD 14.00 (if ever the employment contract is not verified by POLO)

OEC processing fee is PHP 100.00 in any POEA office in the Philippines

How to schedule OEC online appointment

In order to get an OEC in any POEA/POLO office around the world, you need to register first at POEA Online Processing System for Balik Manggagawa (POPS-BaM) and set an appointment at your desired date and time that is available in the system.

For registration, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your browser and type in the URL
  2. Click on “Let’s Go”
  3. Click on “Register” for new users (log in if you already have an account )
  4. Then click “I accept the terms of use.”
  5. Fill out the required information and then click register. (a message will display indicating that your registration was “Successful”).
  6. Log in to the email address you provided when you registered (there is a message containing your “temporary password” “)
  7. Return to the link provided in Step 1 and login using the registered email address, then click “next.”
  8. Use the temporary password sent to your email, then click “log in.”
  9. Set the password you want.
  10. Update your profile by clicking “My Profile,” after completing your profile, click “Update Profile” on the upper right side of the page
  11. Add your Identification and Beneficiary
  12. Attach profile picture and passport

For setting an appointment

  1. Log in to your POPS-BaM account (
  2. Click “Balik-Manggagawa,” located at your top right-hand side.
  3. Input your next flight date, then click “next.”
  4. You will be asked if you are returning B.M. to the same employer (if yes, you can print your OEC, if no, proceed to step 5)
  5. Accomplish your contact details with true and correct information to the best of your knowledge.
  6. After clicking “Submit,” you can select your desired POLO location near your place.
  7. Then choose an available Appointment Schedule.
  8. You now have an Appointment with POLO. You can print or cancel your appointment.

How to get OEC at POLO

Go to the POEA office or POLO at the date and time where you set your OEC appointment.

Don’t forget to bring all the listed requirements and necessities with you. Presenting it to the POEA/POLO officer will allow him to evaluate and review if you are qualified for securing an OEC.

Pay for all the needed fees and wait for the approval of your OEC.

How to get an OEC Exemption

An Overseas Filipino Worker who qualifies for OEC Exemption is not required to obtain an OEC at the POEA office. Just simply print out the OEC exemption number and present it to the Philippine airport’s Bureau of Immigration officer. As a result of the exemption, the worker is exempt from the OEC processing fee, airport terminal fees, and travel tax.

Before the scheduled return date to the employer, the BM worker must log in to their POPS-BaM account. The system will then check to see if the employee is already exempt from receiving an OEC.

The OEC exemption does not apply to first-time vacationing OFWs in the Philippines. Rather, it applies to Balik-Manggawa workers who have previously received an OEC and plan to return to the same country and work for the same employer/company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding the POLO-Tripoli, Libya office for OEC Balik Manggagawa application:

1. What if I am in the Philippines? How to get a Certificate of Exemption to get an OEC?

Those who are in the Philippines can do the following:

  1. Request your company or employer to submit to the Embassy the copies of the above-mentioned documents along with the required service fee of Lyd 35.00 or,
  2. Proceed to the Department of Foreign Affairs, ASEANA or at any DFA Consular Office nationwide; pay the service fee of US$ 25.00, and email the receipt of payment and electronic copies of the documents mentioned above to

2. Is ASEANA or any DFA Consular Office in the Philippines can issue a certificate of exemption?

No. the ASEANA or DFA can only receive the payment option if it is not possible to provide the required service fee in PE Tripoli. It is the only Philippine Embassy in Tripoli that can issue the exemption certificate.

3. How can I get my Certificate of Exemption if I am in the Philippines?

After processing, the Certificate of Exemption will be delivered via email to the OFW returning to Libya.

4. Do those with OEC exemption and complete requirements still have to go to ASEANA to pay 25 U.S. dollars?

If you have your OEC, you do not have to get an exemption certificate anymore, but please check the other required requirements at the airport.


Having your OEC with you before you leave the Philippines is a must. Aside from the benefits, you can get with this certificate, it’s also a legal document you don’t want to forget. Life as an OFW is a little more convenient with complete legal documents. Meanwhile, the ban on new hires being processed and deployed to Libya, as well as workers returning to their former employers, remains in place.

Contact Information

You can reach the Philippine Embassy with the following details:

PH Embassy – Tripoli Libya
Address: Embassy of the Philippines, K.M. 7 Gargaresh Road, P.O. Box 12508, Tripoli, Libya
Contact number/s: (0021821) 4832544; (0021819) 4837059
Open Sunday to Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Closed during Philippine and Libyan declared holidays.

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