How to Track Balikbayan Box Cargo Delivery Online

Whether you have sent a balikbayan box to the Philippines or awaiting a package from your relatives overseas, tracking the delivery status is essential to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination. Most cargo shipping companies have an online tracker to help the senders and recipients track the delivery status of a package. But what if you choose a cargo shipping company without an online tracker? How do you track the status of your delivery? Keep reading to find out how to track a balikbayan box delivery.

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Migrant workers and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) often send balikbayan boxes to the Philippines, especially during Christmas, to express their love and share their abundance with their families and friends. Balikbayan boxes come in different size dimensions and  contain imported goods, from chocolates and foodstuff to clothes, shoes, and electronics.

However, sending a balikbayan box is not easy. You have to shop and pack the items. Then, send it out for dispatch and track your package until it’s delivered.

how to track balikbayan box delivery status online


If you’re the sender or recipient, you can track the balikbayan box delivery using the online tracker of your chosen cargo shipping company. Another way to track your package is via the Balikbayan Box Tracker launched by the Bureau of Customs (BOC). With this parcel tracking portal from BOC, both the sender and recipient can track the balikbayan box delivery status by using any of the following:

  • Bill of Lading (BL) number of the shipment that carries your package
  • Tracking Number

How to Check the Status of Balikbayan Box via the Bureau of Customs Website Tracker

Now, if the chosen cargo shipping company doesn’t have an online tracker, follow the steps below to track your package using BOC Balikbayan Box Tracker:

  1. Visit the Bureau of Customs Parcel and Balikbayan Box Tracking System at
  2. Enter the Bill of Lading (BL) number or Tracking Number in the Search box and hit Enter.
  3. If there’s a record found, the result will display the Tracking Number, Status, Date, and Remarks of the balikbayan box delivery.
  4. But if there’s no record, check if you have entered the correct tracking number and try again.

parcel tracking bureau of customs website cargo

How to Check Parcel Online via Cargo Agency Tracker

In case you want to track your balikbayan box online, the private cargo agencies normally have their dedicated package tracking system. Many will give you a reference number in order to be able to track your parcel online.

Depending on which cargo services provider you are using-LBC, Forex Cargo, etc.-you will have different options for tracking your parcel.

  • LBC Tracker Online – For instance, LBC has created a dedicated app on their website for their customers to check the status of their packages online. All you need to do is enter the reference number and click on the ‘Track My Parcel’ button and you will get to see your package’s current location and estimated time of arrival. You can access the URL here –
  • Forex Cargo Tracker Online – Forex Cargo agency also has its own tracking system. It allows you to track their packages by entering the Forex Box ID or the Tracking No. provided in your receipt. After entering the details, click on ‘Track My Package’ and you will be able to see the status of your parcel. Apart from this, there are many other cargo services providers who offer online tracking facility for their customers.
  • USPS – If you send a package thru USPS, you can track it by sending a text to 2877 containing the Tracking Number.

Most of these cargo companies have created a dedicated webpage or app where one can easily enter the respective reference number and check out their parcel’s current location. So if you want to make sure that your balikbayan box reaches its destination safe and sound, then it is best to use any of these cargo services providers with an efficient package tracking

How to Inquire on Balikbayan Box Delivery Status

The Bureau of Customs Parcel and Balikbayan Box Tracking System also has a link to the BOC Customer Care Portal, where you can follow up on the status of your package. In this portal, a Customer Officer will answer your inquiries on the balikbayan box delivery status. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Bureau of Customs Customer Care Portal at
  2. To inquire, click the Open a New Ticket button.
  3. Sign in or create a new account to proceed.
  4. For new account users, check your email for the Confirmation Link from BOC to activate your account.
  5. After activating your account, return to BOC Customer Care Portal and submit a ticket.
  6. Also, you may check the status by entering your email address and a ticket number.

bureau of customs track balikbayan box online

Video: Tracking system sa website ng BOC, makatutulong sa pag-monitor ng parcel at balikbayan boxes

For more details on how to track a balikbayan box delivery, please watch the video below:

As discussed in the video, balikbayan boxes are trackable using an online tracker from BOC. On the search portal, enter the Tracking Number or BL Number to track the status of the balikbayan box delivery. In addition, it features a customer care portal where OFWs, migrant workers, and their families can follow up and inquire about the status of their package by connecting them with BOC representatives. BOC’s online tracker also has a link to DTI, containing a list of accredited forwarders.

BOC’s online tracker also has a FAQs section, where you’ll see instructions and other details on tracking a balikbayan box delivery. With this portal, BOC aims to streamline the system of sending balikbayan boxes, which will benefit many OFWs and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for a balikbayan box to arrive?

It depends on the season. But a balikbayan box usually arrives around 8 to 12 weeks or longer if there are delays in the shipment.

2. How can I search for my tracking number?

You may look for the tracking number of your balikbayan box on the online label record, sales receipt, or email.

3. How to track a balikbayan box?

There are varying ways to track your balikbayan box delivery based on your chosen cargo shipping company. But the easiest way to track your package is thru the Bureau of Customs Parcel and Balikbayan Box Tracking System at You may also check if your chosen cargo shipping company has an online tracker to check the delivery status of your package.

4. Why do Balikbayan boxes take so long?

If your balikbayan box takes longer to arrive than usual, your chosen forwarding cargo possibly didn’t pay their due taxes. The shipping company collects taxes before they take OFW’s balikbayan boxes. On the other hand, if you send your package thru uncredited forwarders, they don’t pay taxes to the Bureau of Customs (BOC). Thus, always check with DTI for accredited forwarders.

5. Do they check balikbayan boxes?

Yes, they do inspect balikbayan boxes using an x-ray scanner. But a physical examination is required for a package suspected to carry illegal goods. During the physical examination, representatives from the OFW association, OWWA, freight forwarders, and apprehending officers are present.

6. Can you put cash in a balikbayan box?

No, never put cash in a balikbayan box. Although you can hide it, some immoral individuals might have a surprise inspection. If they see cash, then chances are, your family may no longer get that money. Thus, it’s ideal packing traditional souvenir items in balikbayan boxes. Then, send the money thru a trusted remittance center.


Tracking a balikbayan box is made easier thru the Bureau of Customs (BOC) online tracker, ensuring that OFWs and migrant workers’ hard-earned purchases will arrive safely to their loved ones. Furthermore, DTI has a list of accredited forwarders whom you should entrust sending your balikbayan boxes.

Other cargo shipping companies also feature an online tracker, so you can be at ease that your package arrives at its destination. If you’re having problems with your balikbayan boxes, ask for assistance thru the BOC Customer Care Portal to get follow-ups on delivery status.

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