How to Apply OWWA Educational Livelihood Assistance Program (ELAP)

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The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has many educational training projects that assist dependents of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with scholarship grants and financial assistance. One of them is called the Educational Livelihood Assistance Program (ELAP) which serves as two purposes – an education grant and/or livelihood grant intended for beneficiaries of deceased OFWs to continue their schooling or set up a business.

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The ELAP scholarships are for dependents of OFWs who were active OWWA members at the time of their deaths, including convicted OFWs facing the death penalty in their host country. Only one child, normally the eldest child of an OFW member, is eligible for a scholarship. If the deceased OFW has a spouse, the spouse can get a livelihood grant.

owwa educational livelihood assistance program elap

What is Educational Livelihood Assistance Program (ELAP)?

ELAP is a financial aid program that includes a scholarship grant for dependents of OFWs who have passed away and a livelihood grant for the spouse of the deceased OFW.

The ELAP program has two parts: a scholarship for survivors of deceased OFWs and a livelihood assistance program for the surviving spouse/parents.

I. Only one of the OFW’s children, usually the eldest, will receive a scholarship grant. The dependent is entitled to financial aid in the form of allowances such as:

    • P5,000 (Elementary)
    • P8,000.00 (High school)
    • P10,000 (College)

II. A P15,000 livelihood financial grant will also be given to:

    • The parents (For Single OFWs)
    • The surviving spouse (For Married OFWs).

What are the Qualifications for ELAP?

Please see the eligibility and qualifications if you are planning to apply for this ELAP program. The dependents can be an Incoming Elementary, High School, or College student and meet the following:

  • Must be a dependent (member’s child) of an OFW who were active OWWA members at the time of their deaths (Certified by the DOLE).
  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Single
  • Student with the age of 21 or below
  • Must not be a recipient of any scholarship award
  • Student who has a General Weighted Average of 80% and is in the top 20% of the graduating class.
  • Must pass the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) qualifying examination
  • Must be in good health and of good moral character.
  • Must meet the University’s current admission and retention criteria and have not met the University’s overall residency policy.

What are the Requirements for OWWA ELAP?

As the ELAP is separated into two parts, there are requirements for the Educational Assistance and there are also requirements if the beneficiary will claim the Economic Livelihood Assistance.

For Educational Requirements

  • Application Form (2 copies)
  • 2×2 Recent and Identical Photos (2 copies)
  • Death certificate or another record of a similar nature (to the deceased OFW)
  • Official transmission from the embassy or consulate
  • Proof of relationship to an OWWA member. Any of the following:
    • Birth Certificate (issued by PSA) of applicant, if child of OFW (ORIGINAL)
    • Birth Certificate (issued by PSA) of both applicant & OFW, if OFW’s brother/sister
    • Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR of OFW) from PSA (proof of unmarried)
  • Receipt of proof of enrollment
    • Any of the following:
      • Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)
      • Certificate of Registration (COR)
      • Certificate of Enrollment (COE
  • Enrollment document (Electronic Format)
    • Any of the following:
      • Evaluation Form
      • Admission Test Score
  • Proof of OWWA membership.
    • Any of the following:
      • Official Receipt of OWWA Contribution
      • OFW Verification Sheet issued by MPC
  • Health Certificate
  • Certificate of good moral character issued by the principal/guidance counselor
  • Certification that applicant belongs to the upper 20% of the Elementary and  High School Graduating Class and that he has a GWA average of above 80% in his Elementary and High School report card.
  • Applicant’s Certificate of not having taken post secondary or undergraduate/ college units and not a Recipient of any scholarship grant / has not taken the EDSP Qualifying Examination.
  • Sworn Statement that he/she has no pending application for resident immigrant status in any country and does not have dual citizenship signed by parent or legal guardians.
  • Copy of the Scholarship Agreement in its original form

For Economic Livelihood Requirements

  • Application Form
  • 2 pcs. Passport size pictures
  • Proof of relationship to OWWA Member (e.g PSA or Local Civil Registry (LCR)-authenticated birth certificate)
  • Proof of OWWA membership of the OFW-member
  • Certificate of receipt of the livelihood package
  • Consent from the intended beneficiary (spouse or parent) that he/she is not interested in the project and is delegating the authority to his/her designated beneficiary who is willing to assume the responsibility for the family

How to Apply for ELAP Program?

  1. Get an Application Form from your local OWWA office.
  2. Complete all of the documentation specifications.
  3. Submit all documents to the nearest OWWA Office. Alternative submission: Send Application Form, Evaluation Form and required documentation to Courier Services (LBC, j&T. JRS. Etc.)
  4. Wait for the call from OWWA if you are in the applicants slot.

Important Things to know about Educational Livelihood Assistance Program

  • Before being endorsed by DOLE Regional Offices, OWWA and its Regional Welfare Offices (RWOs) will obtain and review OFW’s dependents applications.
  • The list of authorized beneficiaries will be sent to the DOLE Central Office by DOLE ROs.
  • For the purpose of tracking the status of the application, the applicant will receive a serial reference/tracking number via SMS or email.
  • Applicants who submitted incomplete or invalid requirements will be informed of the missing/invalidated requirements via SMS or email.
  • After an application has been accepted, a downloadable and printable Scholarship Agreement will be sent to the applicant for signature and notarization.
  • Scholarship Agreements that have been signed and notarized are returned to the concerned RWO by any courier service.
  • The eligible beneficiaries of Educational Livelihood Assistance Program will be announced, and the assistance will be paid through bank remittances, direct to the student beneficiary’s bank account.
  • To receive the remittance annually, eligible beneficiaries of Educational Livelihood Assistance Program must have an active account number in their name. Otherwise, you’ll have to open a savings account in the name of your child or relative.
  • Within two (2) weeks of the application being accepted, funds will be transferred directly to the OFW applicant’s account or to his or her designated beneficiary via bank transfer or electronic payment facility.
  • Bear in mind that this educational aid will not cover the entire tuition fee for your child or sibling. Nonetheless, it can be used to supplement various expenditures such as books and other school supplies.
  • Only after the MDA application has been approved will the applicant receive a Notice of Award (NOA).
  • The NOA is only valid for 45 days after it is accepted. Make sure you get your hands on it within 45 days. You won’t get another NOA if you don’t use it within the time limit. You will have to wait for the next scheduled appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some important questions and answers about this OWWA ELAP project:

  1. How would I know if my application has been accepted?

Once the application is accepted, you will receive a call, text, or email from the DOLE or OWWA regional offices that cover the applicant’s area.

  1. What amount is the monetary assistance?

  • P5,000 (Elementary)
  • P8,000.00 (High school)
  • P10,000 (College)
  • P15,000 livelihood financial grant will also be given to:
    1. The parents (For Single OFWs)
    2. The surviving spouse (For Married OFWs).
  1. Is it possible for my sibling and child to participate in the ELAP Program?

Only one of the OFW’s children, usually the eldest, will receive a scholarship grant.

  1. Is it guaranteed that my child will be able to grant the ELAP program?

Since the application is only valid until the funds are depleted, there is no assurance that your child can be granted with the financial assistance. It’s possible that your child will be  granted by the ELAP Program if your child and spouse completed and followed the requirements and submitted it on time.


So above is the process on how to join the OWWA Educational Livelihood Assistance Program. This is a good choice for qualified dependents of deceased OFWs who want to provide financial aid and livelihood assistance. It will not only provide the child of a deceased OFW OWWA member with financial aid during their primary, high school, and college years, but it may also assist the parent or spouse of the deceased OFW OWWA member.

NOTE: You may contact your nearest OWWA regional office through their respective Facebook page or here:


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