Launch of OWWA AYOS Truck: Driving Support to OFWs During Disasters

The OWWA AYOS Trucks, standing for At Your Service Trucks, are mobile command centers equipped to offer a variety of services including a clinic for emergency medical needs, a communication center with high-speed internet for staying connected, and essential amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, and more. These trucks come with security features like CCTV and powerful lighting to ensure the safety and comfort of those in need during emergencies.

Launched with a grand turnover ceremony involving key players such as Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation and Alpine Motors Corporation, these trucks are expected to be stationed across key regions of the Philippines. Significantly, they embody OWWA Administrator Arnell A. Ignacio’s vision of providing hope and tangible help to Filipino workers abroad, ready to serve as beacons of assistance during times of distress for OFWs and their families.

OWWA’s AYOS Truck initiative is a major step in providing support to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families during crises. These multipurpose vehicles serve as mobile support units, equipped with essential facilities to meet immediate needs during natural disasters. The AYOS Truck signifies OWWA’s dedication to the welfare of OFWs by delivering timely assistance where it’s needed most.

owwa ayos truck launched at your service


The Philippine Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has an affiliated organization called the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). Through social security, cultural programs, and assistance with work, remittances, and legal issues, it defends the rights of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families.

The OWWA has 31 overseas posts in 27 countries.  Also, it is regionally present in all seventeen (17) areas.

The collaboration between OWWA and FUSO Philippines to provide these FJ units for AYOS Truck is a true example of the strength of dedication and relationships. It represents a business commitment to social responsibility and highlights the collaborative spirit of the commercial and public sectors in promoting OFW health and safety.

There are currently three (3) AYOS trucks in the Philippines that can help the families of OFWs in the event of an emergency.

At Your Service Truck

The At Your Service Truck, also known as the AYOS Truck, was provided by OWWA for use as a disaster relief vehicle for our OFWs and their families.

The first question most OFWs would ask in the event of an emergency is: “Are their families, okay?” The ability of OWWA to react appropriately appears to be limited. Yet, because it has Wi-Fi installed, which guarantees speedy internet connectivity, this truck will respond quite effectively.

This truck has more heart and it will address a lot of issues in a very regular, practical, and convenient way.

launch of owwa ayos truck

“OWWA has been providing financial assistance to the families of OFWs during storns, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, but I felt that this is not truly responsive to the immediate needs of the OFW families. For most of them, the very first thing they would ask is, Are their families, okay? There seems to be no way for us to respond properly. But this truck will respond very well because it is equipped with Wi-Fi equipment that ensures instant communication through the internet.” says Arnell A. Ignacio, OWWA Administrator

Purposes of the OWWA AYOS Truck

  • Emergency Response: To provide a rapid and effective response to emergency situations affecting OFWs and their families.
  • Mobile Communication Hub: To ensure that OFWs have the means to establish immediate communication with their families during crises.
  • Medical Assistance: To offer on-site medical care through a well-equipped clinic area within the truck.
  • Shelter and Rest: To serve as a mobile shelter with sleeping areas for OFWs and their families displaced by disasters.
  • Essential Amenities: To provide necessary services like bathrooms, showers, and a kitchen during evacuations or emergency situations.
  • Information Center: To function as an information dissemination point featuring an LED wall for news and updates.
  • Security Enhancement: To support safety through surveillance capabilities, including installed CCTV systems.
  • Stage for Public Address: To deploy a collapsible stage for efficient communication and address by officials during calamities.
  • Power Supply: To provide an independent power source via an onboard generator for use during power outages.
  • Meal Preparation: To offer food services by preparing free meals for those taking refuge during disaster relief operations.

Services and What to Expect

The AYOS Truck is equipped with the following:

  • Bathroom – OFWs and their families can bathe and prepare themselves and also it has a shower area in the bathroom.
  • CCTV – You can feel secure knowing that CCTV has also been installed. It is meant for use in detecting and preventing crime.
  • Clinic – The clinic area is where professionals will respond actively to the OFWs’ and their families’ medical needs.
  • Collapsible Stage – Also, there is a collapsible stage that a single guy can easily unfold, set up, and fold up to transport back to storage.
  • Communication Center -The OFW AYOS Truck has high-speed internet access so that OFWs may stay in touch with and inform their family.
  • Generator – In the event of a power outage, the OWWA AYOS Truck’s generator will power equipment, lights, and electronics wherever it is.
  • Kitchen – There is also a built-in kitchen where staff members may cook free meals for OFWs and their families staying at the evacuation center.
  • LED Wall – The LED Wall is where OFWs and their families may view the latest news and announcements.
  • Powerful Lights – If there is a power outage and the area is dark, powerful lights can be helpful.
  • Sleeping Area – The sleeping area is available for the OFWs and their families to use for naps or sleeping.
  • Sound System – The sound system ensures that everyone in the vicinity can hear the announcement or news displayed on the LED wall, even in densely populated areas.

Beginning of OWWA AYOS Trucks

The FUSO FJ – OWWA AYOS Truck, which is known for its durability and performance, is a concrete investment in providing efficient and secure transportation for OFWs and their families during disasters. The truck’s dependable engine offers improved acceleration, quicker and smoother operation, and increased fuel efficiency. The OWWA AYOS truck also has an office, bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping area, making it ready to be used as a mobile shelter.

A noteworthy turnover ceremony was recently performed by Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation (SFP), in partnership with Alpine Motors Corporation (AMC) – FUSO Carmona, as part of SFP’s mission and dedication to the welfare of Overseas Workers and their families. Three (3) FJ units were given by FUSO Carmona to the Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA) during this event, marking a new phase in their commitment to supporting the needs of Filipino workers.

The team from Almazora Motors Corporation, representatives from AMC–Fuso Carmona, and Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation, along with significant OWWA officials, led by Administrator Arnell Ignacio, attended the turnover event.

The three (3) OWWA AYOS Trucks are anticipated to be placed at strategic locations throughout Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon, from where they may be quickly dispatched to help OFWs and their families in times of need.

It was, as Admin Arnell said, his dream. To have a ray of hope for the well-being of our people is the dream. The fact that your dream has come true is lovely. Those in need of their assistance will immediately recognize the truck approaching and will be saved. Hopefully, this is only the first of many trucks that OWWA will launch to help the Filipino people. He also added that he is grateful that the OWWA trusted them to bring to life what they had in mind.

Video: Launch of the AYOS Truck with Admin Arnell Ignacio

Check out this short video to see the launch of the AYOS Truck with OWWA administrator Arnell featuring highlights of this new service:



In conclusion, the OWWA AYOS Trucks represent a significant leap forward in disaster response and support for OFWs and their families. By mobilizing resources through these high-tech, multi-functional vehicles, OWWA demonstrates its unwavering commitment to providing timely and practical assistance in times of crisis. These trucks are not simply a means of aid but are beacons of comfort and security, ensuring that Filipino workers abroad can have peace of mind knowing that their families back home have access to immediate and comprehensive support whenever it is needed.

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