OWWA Logo Making Contest Launched with Exciting Prizes

To all Filipinos, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has launched a nationwide Logo Making Contest. This initiative invites talented individuals to contribute to the evolution of OWWA’s visual identity while preserving its core values and mission.

In a move to modernize and rebrand, OWWA recognizes the importance of a strong visual representation to reflect its continuous commitment to safeguarding the welfare and empowering overseas Filipino workers around the world.

The proposed logo should incorporate recognizable elements from the current logo, infusing it with modernity and innovation. It should also embody the values of OWWA – unity, leadership, efficiency, integrity, accountability – and its mission to serve as a catalyst for change towards improving the lives of OFWs.

Participating in this contest will not only give you a chance to showcase your artistic skills but also contribute to a significant cause.


owwa logo design making contest

Contest Mechanics

Participants are tasked with creating a modern and innovative logo that retains recognizable elements of the current OWWA emblem. The new design should encapsulate the essence of OWWA’s commitment to the welfare and empowerment of overseas Filipino workers.

Each entry must be crafted with high-definition quality and accompanied by a detailed explanation of the logo’s meaning and symbolism.

Prize Details

The contest is structured on both regional and national levels, offering considerable rewards for outstanding designs:

Regional Level:

  • Grand Prize: ₱10,000
  • Shortlisted Entries (5): ₱5,000 each

National Level:

  • Grand Prize: ₱20,000
  • Shortlisted Entries (5): ₱5,000 each

Submission Guidelines

Entries should be submitted via email to the respective local OWWA Region office on or before February 23, 2024. Participants must include their name, address, and contact details with their submissions. High-definition quality is required for all logo designs to ensure clarity and professional presentation.

This contest not only offers a platform for creative expression but also underscores OWWA’s ongoing efforts to resonate more effectively with its stakeholders. Join us in this creative journey and leave your mark on the future of OWWA.

owwa logo making contest

owwa logo design guidelines making contest

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