How to Apply OWWA Laundry Business

There are many programs that OWWA has launched to OFWs while working abroad. One of the businesses that OWWA offers is the Laundry Business Package. As an organization that aims to promote the welfare and interests of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), OWWA has established this program to offer opportunities for OFWs and their families to have a sustainable source of income and one of them is setting up a Laundry Business in the Philippines.

OWWA Laundry Business is a great opportunity for OFWs and their families to enter the laundry service industry, which is in high demand both locally and internationally. Through this business, OFWs and their families can also contribute to the growth of their local community by providing quality laundry services while creating job opportunities for fellow Filipinos.

The Laundry Business Package allows you to avail a business program under the Enterprise Development Loan Program of OWWA, which includes accredited training to prove that you are capable of opening and operating a laundry business. To help those who completed the training start their laundry business with ease, OWWA has now teamed with the Land Bank to offer simple loan access!

owwa laundry business loan program for ofws

What is OWWA Laundry Business?

For OFWs who are interested in starting their own business, CS Laundry System Philippines Corp. & Northstar Instruments, and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) have partnered on a program. This is referred to as the “Make Money at Home with Your Family” OFW Negosyong Laundromat.

The Laundry Business is aimed at helping OFWs and their families through the OWWA Reintegration Program by giving them the chance to start a business that can help them to start again.

Some benefits of this program are as follows:

  • Free Expert Training on Laundromat operation
  • Free OWWA training
  • Loan Assistance (LBP-OWWA EDLP)
  • Market Linkages
  • Mentoring & Business Coaching


The following are the requirements to apply for OWWA Laundry Business:

Package Requirements

  • Must be OFW-OWWA member
  • Must loan through Landbank
  • Must have up to 1M loanable amount with 20% borrower’s equity
  • Collateral (if necessary)

Site Requirements

  • Must have usable area of 30 sqm (square meter) to 40 sqm
  • Must have existing main drain and water resource ready for tapping
  • Must have electrical main breaker of 100 amps (amperes)

Demographic Suggestions

  • Close to the tourist accommodation, like hotels and hostels
  • Close to the University Campuses
  • Direct access to residential areas


owwa laundry business program for ofws

Laundry Business Package

1. Three (3) Sets of Speed Queen Stacked Washer-Dryer

STLNX Stacked Washer-Dryer

  • 5 kilograms small capacity (for easy installation)
  • Two (2) years warranty
  • 440 G-Force 1200 rpm extraction (for shorter drying time and saves washer energy)
  • Water use as low as 51.78 liters per cycle (to save operating costs)
  • 220 cfm airflow volume (for shorter drying time and dryer laundry)

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

  • 1000 watts for washer and 1500 watts for dryer

2. Basic Installation

Basic installation of water filter, 1000 liters water storage tank, and 21 gallons pressure tank + 1 hp booster tank including:

  • Ducting
  • Electrical lines
  • Gas lines
  • Machine housing
  • Water lines and accessory

3. Training

  • Basic machine maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Daily operation of laundry attendants
  • Marketing strategy and operations of laundry shop owners

4. Furniture

  • Four (4) chairs
  • One (1) table

5. Signage

6. Free Detergent and Fabcon

7. Laundry Bag and Baskets

Not Included: The following are not included in the Laundry Business Package:

  • Business registrations and permits
  • Interior design
  • Non-operational renovations
  • Property rental

How to Apply for OWWA Laundry Business for OFWs?

Step 1: Must comply to OWWA Laundry Business requirements.

Step 2: Open the application form via this link:

Step 3: Fill-in all the required fields.

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Occupation
  • Country Last Served/Worked In
  • OWWA Region
  • Business Location in Mind (Specific Address/General Area/Zip Code)
  • Source of Business Capital
  • How Do You Prefer to be Contacted?

Step 4: Review and check all the details, then click the “Next” button.

Step 5: Choose your package participation then click the “Next” button.

  • Option 1: Cash Payment

30% payable at the time of reservation and 70% before delivery.

  • Option 2: Enterprise Development and Loan Program (EDLP) of OWWA

EDLP is OWWA’s exclusive partner, that will provide FREE training sessions and seminars just for OWWA members. EDLP will issue you with a certificate of completion after the course, which you may submit to OWWA when submitting your loan application.

  • Option 3: Cooperation with Partner Banks

With your consent, the Laundry Business Program will contact partner banks using your contact details so they can speak with you about possible financial arrangements. Depending on your financial situation, the cooperating banks can offer you personalized assistance.

Step 6: Read the Privacy Disclaimer then click the “Submit” button.

Step 7: Wait for their response.

owwa laundry business application form
screenshot of OWWA  laundry business application form

Video: Daily Life of a Self-Service Laundry Business Owner in the Philippines

Check out the video below of the typical day in the life of a Filipino owner of a self-service laundry business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See the list of frequently asked questions and answers below if you have further questions about setting up a laundry business using the program offered by OWWA.

1. How can an OFW apply for OWWA Laundry Business?

Apply online by filling out all the fields in the OWWA Laundry Business application form here –

2. How can an OFW pay the Laundry Business Program?

The Laundry Business Program has three payment options: cash, the OWWA’s Enterprise Development and Loan Program, or cooperation with partner banks.

3. Does applying to the OWWA Laundry Business Program require experience?

You may start your own Laundry Business with NO experience. CS Laundry System offers a complete one-stop shop, U-OWN-IT, to help you in starting a laundry business.

4. Will the OFW Laundry Business owner receive all of the profit?

Yes! You will receive all of the laundry business’s profits. You will be in complete control of your business’s operations and will be able to make all business decisions with flexibility and freedom.

5. Where can an OFW get a quotation?

Send a request for a FREE online quote to their Viber account – +639277767892. They will get in contact with you to assist you with establishing a U-OWN-IT laundry business.

6. How can I check in regarding the application?

You may ask further about your application through email at or by messaging or calling their Viber account – +639277767892.


OWWA has partnered with CS Laundry System Philippines Corp. and Northstar Instruments to offer the “Make Money at Home with Your Family” OFW Negosyong Laundromat program for OFWs working abroad. The program includes expert training, loan assistance, market linkages, and mentoring. OFWs must be OFW-OWWA members, have a loan through Landbank, and provide collateral. U-OWN-IT, a one-stop shop, helps OFWs start their laundry business, with profits being distributed to OFWs.

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