PCSO Medical and Dental Mission Program

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The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is the government organization in charge of collecting and allocating funds for charity activities, health programs, and medical assistance. In addition to other expenditures, projects, and activities, it runs lotteries, holds contests, and runs races to collect money for its programs.

One of the primary programs of the PCSO is the Medical and Dental Mission Program. These outreach medical services are provided in depressed areas and disaster-affected regions both inside and outside of Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. As part of the initiative, free medications are given to people who have limited or no access to the healthcare services provided by the local government.

pcso medical dental mission program


The objective of the PCSO Medical and Dental Mission Program is to deliver equitable, effective, and efficient healthcare services through the implementation of medical and dental missions in collaboration with local governmental entities, non-governmental organizations, civic groups, religious organizations, and other governmental entities as proposed and approved by management.

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Type and Scope of Assistance

The following are the list of types and scope of assistance of the Medical and Dental Mission Program:

  • Providing medical guidance and treatment
  • Providing dental consultations, treatment, including tooth extractions, and education in preventive health
  • Providing training to LGUs, NGOs, civic groups, and others on how to conduct medical and dental missions correctly in various places
  • Referral to a medical facility for a diagnostic procedure and additional treatment
  • Supplying medicines for primary healthcare
  • Assistance will only be provided once every six months


The following are the qualifications to take advantage of the said program:

  • Charitable institutions engaged in health and welfare-related programs and services
  • Government Agencies
  • Local Government Units (LGUs)
  • Non-Government Health Institutions
  • Non-Stock, Non-profit organizations, or associations
  • Socio-civic and Religious Organizations


The following are the requirements to use the Medical and Dental Mission Program:

  • Letter of request addressed to the PCSO Chairman or General Manager
  • Project Proposal with the following information:
  • Contact details
  • Number of recipients
  • Organizational Profile
  • Schedule of activity
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration for NGO

How to Request a Medical and Dental Assistance from PCSO

Follow these instructions to quickly make a request for PCSO Medical and Dental Mission Program:

Step 1: Prepare all the documentary requirements. Make sure that the Letter of Request is addressed to the PCSO Chairman or General Manager on where you are applying.

Step 2: Go to the nearest PCSO Office

Step 3: Submit all the required documents

Step 4: The PCSO office will review the submitted documents

Step 5: The PCSO office will contact your department regarding the status of your application.

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Aside from PCSO Medical and Dental Mission Program, the PCSO offers medical financial assistance, which covers the beneficiaries’ hospital bills. For more information on the PCSO Medical Assistance Program, watch Miss Knowmi’s discussion in the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions regarding the “PCSO Medical and Dental Mission Program” see the list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

1. What is PCSO?

The PCSO holds and manages charitable lotteries, races, and sweepstakes, as well as participates in health and welfare-related investments, projects, and activities, to provide consistent and ongoing sources of funding for its programs. It also engages in other activities to improve and expand these fund-raising operations as well as the agency’s capacity for managing funds.

2. What is the purpose of PCSO?

The PCSO is obligated to conduct fundraising and provide money for health programs, medical assistance and services, and charities with a national priority. The money raised is donated to the President’s Presidential Social Fund, which seeks to increase social welfare throughout the nation.

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3. What is PCSO Medical and Dental Mission Program?

Through carrying out of medical and dental missions in collaboration with local government entities, non-governmental organizations, civic groups, religious institutions, and other governmental agencies as initiated and approved by the management, the program provides equitable, efficient, and effective health care services.

4. What are the benefits of the PCSO Medical and Dental Mission Program?

The program is accessible to all patients who require medical and dental assistance. Every Filipino who participates in the program will get medical and dental treatment. Additionally, those who have little or no access to the healthcare services offered by the local government are given medication for free.

5. What is the PCSO’s hotline number?

You can reach PCSO main office at (02)8696-6954 | (02)8846-8862.

For the list of PCSO contact information for each program and service, click the link here – https://www.pcso.gov.ph/contact_us.aspx

6. What is PCSO’s main office address?

PCSO’s address is Sun Plaza Building, 1507 Princeton Street corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, Philippines


The PCSO has consistently been a strong proponent of giving Filipino people access to quality healthcare, especially for those who have little money to pay for their own medical treatment and other necessities. The free medical and dental mission, run by the PCSO Medical and Dental Services Department, is one of the organization’s many charitable initiatives aimed at helping the city’s poorest residents, many of whom live in remote barangays and have little or no access to even the most basic healthcare and necessities. It is moreover one of the ways the PCSO supports President Rodrigo Duterte’s plan for universal health care for Filipinos.

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