OWWA Seafarer’s Hub in Manila: What to Expect

Great news to our Filipino seafarers! After the successful launch of the OFW Lounge, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has introduced the Seafarer’s Hub – a one-stop concept that provides essential services and amenities to our hardworking Kababayans. You can visit the lounge at 1108 Mabini St., Zone 72, Barangay 670, Ermita, Manila City!

The OWWA Seafarer’s Hub exemplifies the organization’s commitment to improving the welfare of Filipino seafarers. This state-of-the-art facility offers a variety of amenities and services that cater to the unique needs of seafarers, whether they are on shore leave, waiting to board, or in transit.

owwa seafarers hub lounge for seafarers

Amenities and Benefits

The Seafarer’s Hub is packed with features aimed at enhancing the quality of life for its users. Some of the standout amenities include:

  • Rest Lounge: A comfortable and welcoming space designed specifically for seafarers to unwind, recharge, and socialize with fellow seafarers. This lounge offers a serene environment where one can relax after a long journey at sea.
  • Coffee Nook and Beverage Service: Enjoy a variety of hot and cold beverages at the Coffee Nook, perfect for a quick refreshment or a casual chat with colleagues.
  • OWWA Programs & Helpdesk: Seafarers can inquire about various OWWA programs and seek assistance with applications. The dedicated helpdesk is here to provide comprehensive information and support.
  • Legal Assistance: In collaboration with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, we offer legal advice on a range of employer-employee issues. Seafarers can receive professional guidance and support for their legal concerns.
  • Family Support Services: We provide customized resources tailored to the specific needs of seafarers’ families. The services aim to support and assist families in various aspects of their lives.
  • FREE Internet Connection & Local Calls: Access free internet and complimentary local calls, allowing seafarers to stay connected with their families and friends in the Philippines. This service ensures they can maintain strong personal connections despite being away from home.
  • Skills Training and Development Center: This center offers a venue for OWWA to conduct training sessions and workshop seminars. Seafarers can enhance their skills and knowledge, benefiting their professional growth and development.

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Skills Training and Development Center

One of the key features of the Seafarer’s Hub is its Skills Training & Development Center. This center holds various OWWA-organized workshops and seminars aimed at professional growth. These training sessions are designed to enhance the skills of seafarers, making them more competitive and prepared for the challenges of their career.

OWWA E-Card Version 2.0: Leveraging Technology for Better Service

The improved OWWA E-Card Version 2.0 plays a significant role in enhancing the seafarers’ experience at the hub. This multifunctional card not only serves as an identification badge but also grants access to numerous services and exclusive privileges, thereby making life easier for those who carry it. Benefits include 24/7 assistance, insurance coverage, travel tax exemptions, and various discounts from partner companies.

ofw seafarers hub amenities and benefits

What to Expect Upon Arrival

When seafarers arrive at the hub, they can expect a seamless and welcoming experience. The staff are trained to provide excellent service and are attentive to the unique needs of every visitor. Upon entering, seafarers will find clear signages directing them to various sections, ensuring that they can easily locate the services they need.

How to Access the Seafarer’s Hub

Accessing the Seafarer’s Hub is straightforward. The facility address is at 1108 Mabini St., Zone 72, Barangay 670, Ermita, Manila City.

Please check out images from the grand opening event where OWWA officials also graced the said

Future Developments

OWWA remains committed to further enhancing the Seafarer’s Hub with future upgrades and expansions. Plans are in place to introduce more technologically advanced facilities and broaden the scope of training programs. This ensures that the hub remains a forward-thinking sanctuary for seafarers, addressing both their immediate needs and long-term professional growth.

Video: OWWA Seafarer’s Hub Teaser

OWWA on their official Facebook account has released a teaser of the grand opening of the Seafarer’s Hub, generating excitement and anticipation among our Kababayans. Stay tuned for more updates on this innovative facility dedicated to the welfare of Filipino seafarers.


Seafarers’ Hub, COMING SOON, mga Kabayan! #SeafarersHubOWWA #OWWAcares #fyp #fypage


Photos: Grand Opening

Check out these photos from the grand opening of the OWWA Seafarer’s Hub, with notable guests including government officials and representatives from various maritime agencies. It’s great because it’s now open and it has been officially launched!


The OWWA Seafarer’s Hub showcases OWWA’s support for Filipino seafarers. With amenities, training opportunities, and access via the OWWA E-Card, the hub ensures their well-being and professional growth. Seafarers can stay connected with loved ones, find comfort, and enhance their skills, no matter where they travel.

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