How to Check NCSC Registration Status Verification

ncsc verifying of registration for senior citizens

As the Philippine population continues to age, the National Commission for Senior Citizens (NCSC) has been set up to ensure that senior citizens are given access to benefits and services from the government. It is therefore essential for seniors who have applied for registration with NCSC to verify their status to ensure that everything has gone through successfully. Verifying your … Read more

How to Register NCSC Senior Citizens Online

how to register senior citizen in ncsc database

The National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC) is accepting online registration for all senior citizens in the Philippines. Filipino senior citizens can register and fill out the NSCS data form online in order to get registered and be included in the database of certified senior citizens in the country. Those who wish to join must fill out the NSCS data … Read more

NCSC Data Form PDF Download for Senior Citizens

ncsc senior citizen data form

The newly established National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC) is compiling a complete database of senior citizens living in the Philippines. So for Filipino seniors out there, take the time to register for the NCSC and be part of the government’s effort to secure your rights. To register, you have two options: you can either fill out an online form … Read more

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