How to Apply and Pay Pag-IBIG Membership in Cyprus

pagibig membership in cyprus

There is NO Pag-IBIG office in Cyprus, but you can still process your Pag-IBIG registration online. If you prefer to send contributions through an international remittance center, you can also go to one of the city’s money remittance centers. OFWs working in Cyprus have now access to Pag-IBIG’s financial services and benefits, such as investing, and helping them save for … Read more

How to Verify Employment Contract in Cyprus

contract verification process in cyprus

Philippine employment contract verification in Cyprus is a requirement for those who wish to work in the country. The process involves submitting a copy of your employment contract to the POLO office/Philippine Consulate in Cyprus, where it will be reviewed and verified. This is to ensure that you are receiving the same benefits and working conditions as specified in your … Read more

How to Renew OWWA Membership in Greece and Cyprus

renew owwa membership greece and cyprus

Filipinos who are based in Greece and Cyprus can renew their OWWA membership by making a transaction at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Greece office. Based on an update, Filipinos can send an email with the document requirements and payment to POLO Greece in order to submit their OWWA application. Filipinos may also walk-in at the Athens office from … Read more

How to Get OEC: POLO-Greece Online Appointment

how to apply for oec in polo greece

Filipinos who need to verify their employment contract and get an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)in Greece can head to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office located in Athens. It’s important that you know the process from collecting your documents until going to POLO-Greece to get your certificate. Please follow tips below. Overseas Filipino Workers in Greece and Cyprus who are planning … Read more

How to Get OEC in POLO-Cyprus Online

how to apply oec in cyprus

Overseas Filipino Workers in Cyprus who wish to visit the Philippines for a vacation must obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). Before going to Cyprus, OFWs need to present the OEC to the airport when they are flying from. Without this document, they won’t be permitted to leave the Philippines and go back to work in Cyprus. Also Read: How to … Read more

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