How to Renew OWWA Membership in Tripoli, Libya

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To OFWs who are based in Libya and want to renew their OWWA account can visit the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Tripoli. The POLO-Libya office is located near the building as the Philippine Embassy in Libya. Please be guided on the process for OWWA membership renewal below.

On November 17, 1976, the Philippines formally established diplomatic ties with Libya. The main objective of OWWA-Tripoli, Libya is to protect the rights of overseas workers in Libya under Philippine and Libyan labor laws, norms, and standards, as well as their employment contracts.

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OWWA benefits, which include welfare benefits in times of need, are available to OFWs. The OWWA membership contribution fee will be $25.00 USD, and it will need to be renewed every two years.

how to renew owwa polo libya

Amount of Contribution

The OWWA membership contribution fee will be the equivalent of $25.00 US Dollars.

Membership Validity

Each contribution is valid for two (2) years, regardless of the length of the contract, the change in employer, location of employment, or recruitment agency. If proof of employment is provided, OWWA membership must be renewed after that.

OWWA Requirements

Please see the following requirements in order to renew your OWWA in Libya:

  • Completed OWWA OFW Information Sheet
  • A photocopy of the Philippine passport with a photo, name, and signature.
  • Copy of current employment contract or Certificate of Employment.
  • Copy of employer’s ID or passport.
  • Membership contribution will be the equivalent rate of 25 US Dollars.

Note: Make sure to bring the original copy of each requirement, as well as three sets of photocopies.

How to Schedule an Appointment in Tripoli, Libya

Step 1: Go to the Facebook page of the Philippine Embassy in Libya.

Step 2: On the right side of the page, click the Book Now button.

Step 3: Choose Notarial and Authentication Services among the choices then click continue.

Step 4: Choose your preferred date and time.

Step 5: In the Appointment Notes area, type “OWWA Appointment” and then click Request Appointment.

Step 6: Make sure to make a screenshot of your appointment confirmation.

Step 7: Once you’ve received a message from the Philippine Embassy in Libya, confirm your appointment time.

Step 8: Before visiting the OWWA-Tripoli, Libya office, double-check your appointment time.

Step 9: Present your completed documentation at the OWWA counter.

Step 10: Pay the membership fee to the OWWA.

Step 11: Receive your OWWA renewal receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about renewing OWWA in Libya. Please be guided accordingly:

  • If you’re heading to the OWWA-Tripoli, Libya office, make sure you are wearing appropriate attire so you will be allowed entry.
  • Before you go to the processing window, make sure you have all of the required documents.
  • Requirements that are not full will not be handled.
  • For more information, see the Tripoli, Libya Embassy website and Facebook updated post.
  • New OWWA members are eligible to engage in OWWA’s regular activities and services, as well as special programs, after three (3) months of membership.

Video: Filipino Goes to OWWA Libya to Get “Ayuda” Assistance

Check out this video clip below which details the experience of a Filipino with the OWWA team in Libya. The video shows him and other Pinoys getting an Ayuda (assistance) from our Philippine government.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding OWWA renewal in POLO-Tripoli, Libya office:

1. How much does it cost to join the OWWA?

The OWWA membership fee will be the equivalent of $25.00 US Dollars.

2. When is the office going to be open?

The OWWA-Tripoli, Libya office is open Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except during the Philippine and Libyan Holidays).

3. Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?

You can contact the OWWA-Tripoli, Libya office by sending an e-mail to, sending a message, or calling +218 94-4541283 / (21891) 7102382.

4. Can I directly go to the OWWA-Tripoli, Libya Office?

No, Due to the pandemic, OWWA-Tripoli, Libya requires that you make an appointment before visiting the OWWA office. Bring your completed documentation with you when you enter, wear a facemask, and keep your social distance.

Contact Information

POLO-OWWA Tripoli, Libya
Address: Km. 7 Gargaresh Road, Abu Nawas Tripoli, Libya
Contact Number: +218 94-4541283 / (21891) 7102382

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