How to Renew OWWA Membership Online

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For OFWs, becoming an OWWA member is not very difficult to do. There are a few ways to renew your OWWA membership and the cost is only 25 USD every 2 years. We would like to remind you that it is important to keep your account active. In this article, we share tips and steps what is the process of renewing your OWWA membership online.

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The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), originally known as the Welfare and Training Fund for Overseas Workers, is a Philippine government body that protects and promotes the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their dependents around the world. OWWA is a Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-affiliated entity. Active members and their immediate families are eligible for certain OWWA benefits.

This national government agency is responsible for the welfare of OFWs at all stages of their migration: before they leave, while they are at work, and returning back to their home country. It has a regional presence in seventeen regions of the country, making it accessible to OFWs in difficulty. It has around 31 abroad posts in 27 countries. For first-timers, OWWA provides awareness, clarifies expectations, and provides basic language training. Upon their return, the agency assists returning OFWs with a variety of livelihood training and activities.

By default, all OFWs who have been documented are OWWA members. Take note that this refers to OFWs who are “documented” or “legal.” So, if you ever need assistance as a Filipino legally working overseas, you can go to the nearest OWWA office and ask for help.

how to renew owwa membership online

OWWA Membership Requirements

Here’s a list of requirements needed in order to renew your OWWA membership:

  • OWWA OFW information sheet — visit the agency’s website to download and print the information sheet (
  • Original Passport – A photocopy of a passport page with a photo and personal information.
  • Employment Pass or Work Permit Card
  • Employment Contract / POLO-Verified Employment Contract
  • Membership Fee (varies depending on destination country’s foreign currency equivalent, ranging from Php 1,000 to Php 1,500)

Step by Step: OWWA Online Membership Application

OFWs may register or renew their OWWA online application without a personal appearance by going through the following steps:

  1. Complete the OWWA/OFW Information Sheet form.
  2. Scan the completed OWWA/OFW Information Sheet with your valid Philippine passport data page, residence/work permit, and proof of employment.


    • Employment Contract
    • Latest Pay Slip
    • Certificate of Employment.
  1. Submit a copy of your Certificate of Oath and accompanying Identification page if you are a dual citizen. Please double-check that the scanned copy is legible.
  2. Go to the OWWA website for the country you’re based.
  3. Locate the email address to which you must send your requests.
  4. Your requirements will be assessed, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with the payment or if there are any additional instructions. Please note that you will not be able to pay the Php 1,000 to Php 1,500 OWWA membership fee unless you receive notification from OWWA.
  5. Pay the necessary fee using the provided payment methods;
  6. Membership will be activated immediately after payment and will be valid for two years.

How to Pay OWWA Online Payments

The OWWA website ( does not have a direct payment portal, but you can pay your OWWA membership fee by going through third-party providers. The best option is to register online via the OWWA Mobile App, and then make the payment. Here is a list of OWWA payment centers where you can pay the OWWA fee.

  • M’Lhuillier
  • Land Bank of the Philippines
  • Banknet Member ATM account
  • OWWA App

Note: Please do not forget to keep copies of receipts where you made a payment as proof that you have settled your OWWA membership for the next 2 years.

How to Renew Membership via OWWA Mobile App for OFWs

As we’ve mentioned, there is an OWWA Mobile App that you can download on your smartphone in order to access OWWA services. You can install the App on your phone, register your personal and employment details and renew it at your own convenience.

Here are the links to download the OWWA app:

Check out the video below to see what are the features and benefits of the OWWA application:

Pay OWWA Membership via POLO-OWWA Office Abroad

Depending on your country, there may be a specific process on how you can renew your OWWA membership. It is advised that you check out the latest updates from the POLO-OWWA office abroad for the dedicated procedure.

Some POLO offices may require you to book an appointment online, while some POLO offices do not have a system to schedule one so you need to walk-in and queue for your OWWA membership. So please be guided on the steps to renew them based on your nearest POLO office.

Here are some steps based on a specific location abroad on the process to renew OWWA membership or book an OWWA appointment:

Pay OWWA via BCRemit App – for OFWs in UK

The steps for using the OWWA BCRemit App to make a payment are shown below. Take note that this process is country-specific and applicable to OFWs renewing their membership in the United Kingdom.

  1. Use your smartphone to download the BCRemit app.
  2. On the lower-right side of the app, tap the BCRemit-Pay button.
  3. After clicking the BCRemit-Pay button click on the nearest OWWA (country).
  4. Fill in the needed information like Full Name, Employer Name, and Job Title.
  5. Select Payment Fee-Collection at the Embassy from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select the Confirm Payment option.
  7. Take a screen image of the successful transaction confirmation.
  8. Send the screenshot of payment to OWWA email and your Regional OWWA offices
  9. Upon receipt of the screenshot of the payment, we will send the scanned copy of your Official Receipt.
  10. You can pick up the original OWWA Official Receipt at the Philippine Embassy.

Pay OWWA via OWWA Regional Welfare Offices

OFWs can also register their OWWA membership in the Philippines with the support of family members by completing the following requirements to their nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office:

  1. A valid job contract or other proof of current employment
  2. A valid work permit/work visa
  3. A photocopy of a passport page that includes a photo and personal information.
  4. Authorization from an OFW-member
  5. Authorized Representative’s valid ID
  6. Completed OWWA membership application
  7. OWWA membership payment.

Important Reminders

Please be advised of these important reminders if you wish to renew your membership online

  • OFWs will be evaluated via video call or through their social media accounts.
  • OFWs will be provided with instructions on how to pay their OWWA membership dues (Php 1,000 to Php 1,500).
  • The e-receipt will be sent to OFWs via their e-mail addresses.
  • After three (3) months of membership, new OWWA members are entitled to participate in OWWA’s regular activities and services, as well as special programs.
  • Please notify the Regional Office in advance of your visit so that an appointment may be made.
  • You can also apply online if you download the OWWA Mobile App (Google Play for Android users and App Store for Apple Users). Fill out the registration form and sign up using the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may go through these FAQs about the process of renewing your OWWA membership through the online method:

1. What is the importance of renewing my OWWA?

It is important that you renew your OWWA membership because this is a type of OFW insurance where you can obtain many benefits and take advantage of the various projects being implemented. There are regular programs that help OFWs and their dependents finish their school education, there are livelihood projects or just cash assistance where you can set up your own business, there are repatriation assistance programs, OFW and seaman loan, welfare assistance, social benefits, disability claim, death claim, etc.

There are also special projects being launched especially during this time of crisis. There are projects like the PHP 10,000 DOLE-AKAP financial assistance, Project EASE Scholarship, Tabang OFW Scholarship. Did you know that your hotel quarantine when you return to the Philippines is FREE courtesy of your OWWA contributions? These are immediate programs you will notice that are being given to OFWs.

2. What happens if I do not renew my membership?

While there is NO Penalty or Fine for not renewing your OWWA, you will also not get the maximum benefits available to its members.

3. How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee varies from Php 1,000-Php 1,500. You will pay according to the currency of your host country. It is valid every 2 years.

4. Can I still apply for OWWA membership even though I’m not in the Philippines?

Yes, OFWs can also register their OWWA membership in the Philippines with the support of family members by completing the requirements to their nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office. It is VERY important for you to keep your OWWA account active.

5. How can I renew my OWWA if I am abroad?

If you are based abroad and you want to renew your OWWA personally, you can visit the nearest POLO-OWWA office of the country where you are working. Please check this list of POLO-OWWA offices abroad for reference. Take note that you may need to book an appointment online beforehand in order to enter the POLO office. As there are countries where the office requires an appointment and you will not be allowed entry without a confirmed schedule.

6. How long does it take to be an OWWA member?

Membership will be activated immediately after payment and will be valid for two years.

7. What are the alternative options for registering with OWWA?

You can also apply online if you download the OWWA Mobile App (Google Play for Android users and App Store for Apple Users). Fill out the registration form and sign up using the mobile app. You can ask your relatives or friends in the Philippines to pay the OWWA fee after you register in the OWWA app.

8. Where can I make my OWWA payment?

You can pay via M’Lhuillier, Land Bank of the Philippines, Bancnet Member ATM account, OWWA App, and BCRemit App.

For additional questions: 

You may contact your nearest OWWA regional office through their respective Facebook page or here:

Video: Online Registration and Verification of OWWA Membership

Here are some tutorial videos about the membership renewal process to guide you better as shared by fellow OFWs.

Below is a video on how to pay for membership thru the Online method:

Here’s a video that shares how you can register your information through the OWWA mobile application:


Time and again, we want to keep reminding all OFWs to make sure to renew your OWWA membership because, in times of need and assistance, there are good benefits and programs that you can get as an OFW.

We cannot tell what will take place in the future, so it’s good that you have some form of insurance that would give you some benefits in times of crisis. After all, the amount is a very minimal amount and this is a good form of insurance for overseas workers. The cost is only $25 and is valid every 2 years. There are also more convenient ways such as the online method or the mobile app, on top of the existing procedures, to activate your OWWA membership.

So don’t forget to become a certified OWWA member and renew your membership. Stay safe everyone!

Disclaimer: The information posted here serves as a guide to help OFWs learn more about the OWWA renewal process. This guide may change without prior notice. Please always check with your local POLO office for assistance and updated info.

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