How to Book OWWA Appointment Online

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For OFWs who want to book an OWWA appointment online, it is important that you follow the process according to the office where you are going to visit. Here we outline the steps and share tips on the process. Depending on the location, Filipinos may need to go to their country’s POLO-OWWA office abroad, or via Regional Welfare Office in the Philippines, and a scheduled appointment is required. After all, with new policies especially during these challenging times, it is important that all visits to the OWWA offices are planned and scheduled accordingly.

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If you do not have a confirmed OWWA schedule, chances are you will not be allowed to enter the OWWA office. So it is better if you plan ahead and register that appointment.

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is a federal government agency tasked with creating and administering welfare programs and services to meet the requirements of overseas workers and their families.

Among the many programs that OFWs can avail themselves of from the OWWA agency include the Repatriation program, social benefits program such as death support and disability support, and reintegration program. There are also a number of training developments that OFW members can take advantage of when signing up with OWWA which include skills training, entrepreneurial development training, business loan, and livelihood aid program, are among its primary programs and services.

how to book owwa appointment online

Amount of Contribution

The OWWA membership contribution shall be Twenty-Five United States Dollars (US$25.00) or the equivalent in current foreign currency rates, and shall take effect upon payment of the membership contribution.

Membership Validity

OWWA Membership effective is valid for two (2) years for each contribution, regardless of contract length, change of employer, job site, or recruitment agency. Following that, OWWA membership must be renewed if proof of active employment is presented.


Enrollment/renewal of membership in OWWA is open to the following individuals:

  • OFWs who have achieved meaningful employment in the destination country despite leaving the country without necessary documentation as OFWs from the POEA.
  • OFWs of legal age who register as first-time members must be gainfully employed overseas at the time of enrollment.
  • OFWs that had their OWWA membership expire.
  • OFWs that have obtained permanent residency status in their foreign country of employment but have maintained their Filipino citizenship.
  • OFWs in possession of a valid work permit and visa.

How to Book an Appointment at OWWA Regional Welfare Office Online

If you are an OFW on vacation in the Philippines, you can renew your membership by going to the nearest OWWA office in your region. Here we shares steps on how to book an appointment in the regional welfare office in PH.

Disclaimer: Be advised that the information below is only for selected OWWA Regional Welfare offices. As per the dropdown menu, the option for a PH OWWA office is NCR-National Capital Region. If you are based in a different province in the Philippines, it is best to check the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office on how to get an appointment online. Let the steps below act only as a guide.

Steps on Booking Appointment via Regional Welfare Office

STEP 1: Open the page to book an appointment by going to this link –

STEP 2: Choose your OWWA Regional Office

  • NCR-National Capital Region
  • POLO-Kuwait
  • POLO-Alkhobar

STEP 3: Choose the type of program you want to book an appointment

  • BPBH
  • Check Releasing
  • Conciliation/Negotiation
  • Death
  • EDLP
  • EDSP
  • ELAP-Education
  • ELAP-Livelihood
  • Reintegration
  • Scholarship – ODSP
  • Seaman’s Upgrading Program (SUP)
  • Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program (SESP)
  • Social Benefits – Disability
  • WAP
  • Workers Assistance – Complaints

STEP 4: Choose your desired date for booking an appointment

STEP 5: Fill-up your personal information

STEP 7: Click next upon completing the personal information

STEP 8: Double-check your appointment information

STEP 9: Click submit appointment button

Membership/Renewal Requirements for the OWWA:

  • OWWA OFW Information Sheet
  • Passport Copy (data page with photo)
  • Employment Pass or Work Permit Card
  • Employment Contract
  • Membership Fee (ranging from Php1,000- Php1,500)

Procedural Guidance

  • Wait for your confirmation email to confirm your scheduled appointment.
  • Please follow the guidelines given by each Regional Welfare Office for other regions.’

How to Book OWWA Appointment in POLO-OWWA Offices / Migrant Workers Offices Online

If you want to renew your OWWA membership while working in another country (on your days off), you can go to the POLO-OWWA office (now called MWO office). Here is an example of how you can book an appointment if you are an OFW based in Dubai.

Disclaimer: Take note that if you are based in a different country, please follow the guidelines of that specific country. Check with the local POLO-OWWA office nearest you for updated guidelines. Below is just an example if you are an OFW in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Steps on Booking Appointment via POLO-OWWA Offices Abroad

STEP 1: Open the link to book an appointment –

STEP 2: Choose a Service from the list of options.


STEP 3: On the calendar, choose your selected date. To avoid clogging the system, each person should only have one schedule.

STEP 4: Fill up the blanks with your:


STEP 5: Take a snapshot of the page to prove you’ve made a reservation. This will serve as confirmation for you.

STEP 6: Submit the form.

Membership/Renewal Requirements for the OWWA

Here are some important documents you need to bring when you activate your membership at the POLO office in the country where you are renewing it:

  • Passport in its original form
  • Contract verified by polo
  • Valid Visa – The validity of the visa should be more than 90 days, and the OFW must be working actively and continuously.
  • Certificate of Employment – OFW must produce a certificate from the company / employer verifying that they are not on the list of employees due for termination/ termination/ cancelled/ resigned.
  • Membership Fee (ranging from Php 1,000- Php 1,500 or its equivalent rate in the country where you are working)

Procedural Guidance

  • Please double-check that your requirements are accurate and full.
  • Requirements that are not complete will not be handled.
  • Before you go to polo for your appointment, be sure to read and complete the downloadable form.
  • Please bring the complete set of requirements for verification of employment documents. These are the details:

How to Book an Appointment in POLO-OWWA Offices Abroad using E-mail

OFWs may be able to book an appointment via email. But please check with the POLO-OWWA office in your area if this is the process that they follow.

Singapore can apply or renew their OWWA membership at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore’s Windows 1 and 2, Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO).

Disclaimer: Below is an example of how you can book an appointment in Singapore. If you are based in another country, please check with your local OWWA office to see what are the steps. Let this procedure act only as a guide if you are an OFW in Singapore.

Step 1: Click the link for OFW Membership Information Sheet Form here –

Step 2: Print the OFW Information Sheet.

Step 3: Type the date and amount of the OWWA contribution portion’s latest payment.

Step 4: Fill in all of the required personal information.

Step 5: Fill in all of the details in the Contract Particulars section.

Step 6: Make a list of your legal beneficiaries or qualifying dependents.

Step 7: After you’ve filled out all of the required fields, place your sign over your printed name.

Along with the completed OFW Membership Form, the following documentary criteria must be submitted:

  • Any proof of active employment, such as a valid employment contract
  • Certificate of employment
  • Latest payslip
  • A valid work permit
  • Work Permit
  • S-Pass
  • Employment Pass
  • Letter of Consent from MOM
  • A copy of the passport’s bio page
  • Any other proof of employment, such as re-entry permission, may be necessary to justify the OFW’s continuous presence and employment overseas.

Important Reminders

Here are some important reminders about scheduling the appointment for OWWA:

  • All transactions with the Philippine Embassy must be scheduled in advance.
  • If you are in the Philippines, you can visit the nearest Regional Welfare Office, if you are abroad, you can visit the nearest POLO-OWWA office.
  • Some OWWA offices in other countries may not require an appointment beforehand as there are no appointment procedures set up yet. Please check with your POLO-OWWA office in your country for updates.
  • It is also important that you wear proper clothes during your appointment day. No sando, slippers, sleeveless, shorts, etc. when visiting the POLO-OWWA office.

Guidelines when Visiting the OWWA Office on Day of Appointment

During your date of appointment, please follow these important rules for those who are going to the OWWA office especially in this time of health guidelines:

  1. Wear a face mask and face shield
  2. Step on the footbath.
  3. Have your body temperature been scanned by the personnel?
  4. Spray disinfectants on your bag and other belongings.
  5. Sanitize your hands.
  6. Sit on the assigned seats.
  7. Observe physical distancing.
  8. Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze.
  9. Only go to the area where you have an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out these frequently asked questions and answers about the process of scheduling an appointment for OWWA online.

1. Why is it important to schedule an appointment online?

The reason why the confirmed online appointment schedule is implemented by POLO and OWWA is to ensure the safety of the frontline staff and the safety of OFWs visiting the office. Remember that it can get crowded if everyone will just ‘walk in’ at the office. Having a confirmed appointment will also help in the processing of the membership according to priority. Please be advised that you might not be assisted especially in countries where there is a strict appointment policy being implemented.

2. Is it possible for me to schedule my appointment in the Philippines?

Yes, you can book an appointment In the Philippines (Regional Offices) by clicking this link:

Note: This appointment system is only applicable to selected OWWA offices. As OWWA upgrades there systems, we hope that this appointment process will be a unified system for all OWWA appointment concerns. In the meantime, it is good that you check with your local office for updated information on the procedure for getting an appointment.

3. Is it possible to schedule an appointment when I’m working in another country?

Yes, you can schedule an OWWA appointment. You need to verify the location of the OWWA office where you are going to visit if they require you to book a schedule beforehand, or you can simply walk into their office.

4. How much does the OWWA membership fee cost?

The OWWA membership contribution shall be Twenty-Five United States Dollars (US$25.00) or the equivalent in current foreign currency rates, and shall take effect upon payment of the membership contribution.

Please be advised that for certain professions such as domestic workers, you may need to pay another fee for contract verification.

5. Where to find information on OWWA Programs and Services?

We have posted the list of benefits, programs, and services by OWWA for OFWs in this article so please be guided on this post. You can also visit the official Facebook Page of OWWA for more updates –

6. How do I check if my OWWA account is active or not?

In order to check and verify the status of your OWWA membership if it is active or expired, you may download the OWWA mobile app and register your information there. You can keep the OWWA app for reference as well on other information about OWWA projects.

VIDEOS: Book POLO-OWWA Appointment Online

Here are some videos from different OFWs who have shared their experience booking an OWWA appointment online. Please take note that the process is different depending on your country. We hope you get an idea based on the guides below. Please check with your local POLO-OWWA office country for updates.


So these are the guidelines on how you can make an appointment booking online. Please note that you should check your requirements and make sure all your documents are complete during the day of your personal appearance.

Also, take note that there are some countries that do not require an appointment beforehand. You can simply walk in the Embassy or Consulate in order to inquire about the OWWA services and renew your account.  So better check the website or official Facebook page of your nearest POLO-OWWA office on is the process in that specific location for more updated guidelines.

Overall, we want to remind everyone to please do not ever miss out on renewing your OWWA as this is a good form of assistance especially when you need our country’s support in times of crisis.

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