How to Apply OWWA Tabang OFW Program

Overseas Filipino Workers who have dependents in college or university, you can take advantage of your OWWA membership via Tabang OFW program. This is a special OWWA scholarship project provided to OFWs affected by COVID-19. Whether you have lost your job, have been repatriated, or if an OFW has passed away, there is a one-time cash assistance worth PHP 30,000 available for you to apply for this project.

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The Tabang OFW is a project by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Unified Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education Act (UNIFAST), in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and OWWA. This was launched in 2020 where the government has begun offering a one-time monetary assistance of ₱30,000 to college-level children of COVID-19-affected Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The government allotted a budget PHP 1 Billion for this project and over 30,000 students can benefit from this.

Here we share details on how you can apply for Tabang OFW, the requirements, how to track your application, and other important updates.

owwa tabang ofw program financial aid

What is the Tabang OFW CHED Program?

Tabang OFW is a Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) intended to help dependents of OFWs affected by COVID-19 and who are in college to continue their education. The qualifying recipient will receive ₱30,000 in cash grant.

President Rodrigo Duterte directed CHED and DOLE to provide assistance at a meeting of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases on July 27, 2020, and in his fifth State of the Nation Address ( SONA) on July 27, 2020. Such as training and scholarships for dependents of OFWs who have returned to the Philippines due to job loss or death caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of our Filipino workers abroad have lost their employment and have been affected by getting a salary deduction from their employers due to the pandemic. This Tabang OFW aims to assist the student dependents of OFWs and their studies.

Benefits of TABANG OFW Program

The benefit of the Tabang OFW program is a financial grant worth PHP 30,000 to one (1) college-level dependent of an OFW who was repatriated, lost his/her job, or died during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take note that this project is a one-time financial assistance, and this is NOT an OWWA loan. So this cash aid will surely support the OFW as this provides scholarship assistance for their dependents.

What are the Qualifications of Tabang OFW?

Before anything else, the dependents of the OFW are as follows:
– OFWs who are married, dependents are an unmarried children under the age of 30
– OFWs who are single, dependents are single child/sibling/niece under the age of 30

Below is the list of qualifications for the dependents of this Tabang OFW program:

  1. You must be a Filipino citizen.
  2. Must meet the University’s current admission and retention criteria and have not met the University’s overall residency policy.
  3. Hasn’t been kicked out of the university.
  4. You must be enrolled in a CHED-approved undergraduate post-secondary program.
  5. Must be a dependent of an OFW who was repatriated, displaced, or died during the CoViD19 pandemic, as certified by the DOLE.
  6. You must not be a recipient of a government scholarship award.

What are the Tabang OFW Requirements?

For the requirements of the Tabang OFW program, you need to secure the UNIFAST requirements and the OWWA requirements. The following documents must be submitted ONLINE:

UNIFAST Requirements

Please see the list of requirements from OWWA about this Tabang OFW program:

  1. Receipt of proof of enrollment
    • Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)
    • Certificate of Registration (COR)
    • Certificate of Enrollment (COE
  1. Enrollment document (Electronic Format)
    • Evaluation Form
    • Admission Test Score

OWWA Requirements

Please see the list of requirements from OWWA about this Tabang OFW program:

  1. Travel papers (Passport)
  2. Proof of your arrival (If you’re a returnee)
  3. Proof of Displacement – (Affidavit, POLO letter, Company Certification)
  4. Death certificate or another record of a similar nature (if the OFW is deceased)
  5. Official transmission from the embassy or consulate
  6. Proof of dependent relationship (Dependent birth certificate or OFW marriage contract/CENOMAR)
  7. Affidavit stating that no dependent is a recipient of a government scholarship or award.

How to Apply for Tabang OFW Program Online?

Please follow the steps below so you can get an idea about the Tabang OFW application process:

  1. Download the Application Form or go to the nearest OWWA office to get a copy of the Application Form. It is best that you just do it online –
  2. Complete all of the documentation requirements.
  3. Submit all documents through the regional office or online.

Alternative submission: Send Application Form, Evaluation Form and required documentation to Courier Services (LBC, j&T. JRS. Etc.)

  1. Wait for the message from DOLE or OWWA if you are in the applicant’s slot.
  2. Once approved, a text message or email will be sent to you with information on how to claim your financial grant.
  3. Claim the financial grant (PHP 30,000) in the assigned Money Exchange Center (Kwarta Padala via Palawan Express or MLhuillier).

Tabang OFW Application Form

The application form for Tabang OFW can be accessed by going online to the website –

Below is a screenshot of the website where you can download the application form and supply all the required information.

Tabang OFW Application Form online
Image: Tabang OFW Form online

Take note that this Tabang OFW application form is an online form that you have to fill out online. It’s much easier to enter your information at the convenience of your home rather than going to a POLO-OWWA office or OWWA Regional Welfare Office to inquire about this project. So please try to just sign up with this application form via the online portal.

Tabang OFW Tracker Online

After you have submitted your details in the form above, you might be wondering how you can know the status of your application.  In order to track the status of your application. you can access the Tabang OFW Tracker Online via –

Below is a screenshot of the tracker where you will just need to fill out your details such as your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, and Email Address. Then click Search to verify the status:

Tabang OFW Tracker online

In case there are some incomplete requirements, you will be asked to submit the missing documents to your application.

Be advised that there is also another OWWA scholarship project during this pandemic called Project EASE. The Project EASE grants an OFW dependent an education allowance worth PHP 10,000 per year for a period of 4 years. The current system is that when you apply for the Tabang OFW application form, you will automatically be applying for the Project EASE program as well. This is good because you can just apply once for both programs.

Important Reminders about Tabang OFW

Please read these important guidelines about the Tabang OFW application form and program.

  • Before being endorsed by DOLE Regional Offices, OWWA and its Regional Welfare Offices (RWOs) will obtain and review OFW applications affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (ROs).
  • The list of authorized beneficiaries will be sent to the DOLE Central Office by DOLE ROs.
  • DOLE will compile the list in order to send a verified master list of Tabang OFW eligible beneficiaries to CHED-UniFAST.
  • DOLE Financial and Management Service will prepare documents for DOLE ROs to receive funds via Cash Advance.
  • To provide financial assistance directly to beneficiaries, DOLE ROs will prepare documents such as Budget Utilization Request and Status (BURS) and Disbursement Vouchers (DVs).
  • Within two (2) weeks of the application being accepted, funds will be transferred directly to the OFW applicant’s account or to his or her designated beneficiary via bank transfer or electronic payment facility.

NOTE: You may contact your nearest OWWA regional office through their respective Facebook page or here:

Until When is Tabang OFW Application available?

  • The financial assistance has a budget of P 1 billion and will only be given out during the fiscal year 2020-2021 to an estimated 30,000 recipients.
  • Students can only apply for financial assistance if they are enrolled in the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021.
  • You may apply before enrolling in the Second Semester of Academic Year 2020-2021, but keep in mind that the application is only available until the funds are depleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers about the Tabang OFW program. Please be guided accordingly:

1. How would I know if my application has been accepted?

Once the application is accepted, you will receive a call, text, or email from the DOLE or OWWA regional offices that cover the applicant’s area.

 2. How much is the monetary aid for Tabang OFW?

One-time monetary assistance of ₱30,000 to college-level children of COVID-19-affected Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

3. How to check the status of Tabang OFW Application?

Access the Tabang OFW Tracker Online via –

4. Is it possible for my sibling and child to participate in the Tabang OFW Program?

You can only apply for (1) college-level dependent for the Tabang OFW program. So if you are married, you can choose to have one of your children dependents apply for this program. If you are Single, you can have your sibling or nephew/niece apply for the program. Again, the applicant should be below 30 years of age.

5. Is it guaranteed that my child will be able to get the financial grant?

Since the application is only valid until the funds are depleted, there is no assurance that your child can grant it. It’s possible that your child will be approved for the Tabang OFW Program if you and your child completed and followed the requirements and submitted it on time.

6. How fast will I get approved with the Tabang OFW?

There is no definite time frame on when you will receive the financial assistance. As there are many applications being received and processed. So please be patient.

7. What if I am not qualified for the Tabang OFW Program? Does OWWA have other scholarships available for my dependents?

Tabang OFW is intended for the OFW dependents who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. If you still have your job, you may apply for other OWWA scholarship programs available. Some of these OWWA scholarships include: How to Apply OWWA Education for Development Scholarship Program (EDSP)How to Apply Skills for Employment Scholarship Program (SESP)How to Apply OFW Dependent Scholarship Program (ODSP)How to Apply OWWA Educational Livelihood Assistance Program (ELAP), etc.

It is important that you check out the requirements and qualifications for each of these education projects before you apply for each one.

Video: Tabang OFW Project by OWWA for OFW Dependents

Check out this video below to get a better idea of what you can expect from this Tabang OFW program. This video is shared by an OFW show posted a tutorial about this PHP 30,000 cash assistance from OWWA for scholarship purposes.

Here is another video tutorial that shares how to get the PHP 30,000 cash assistance via OWWA’s Tabang OFW project. This video outlines the step by step guide to applying for this program:

Infographics of Tabang OFW

In case you want to know more details about this, please check out the images and infographics of what to expect with the Tabang OFW project below. This infographic showcases a full overview of what this program is for and who can get the benefits from this program:


Many people have been affected by the pandemic and it is good to know that the Philippine government is creating many projects available to Overseas Filipino Workers and their dependents. These projects are meant to help those who have lost their jobs or have been distressed.

This Tabang OFW program is helpful in providing cash aid to the OFW dependents for their studies. After all, many Pinoys worldwide have decided to travel abroad to give better livelihood and education for their families. This Tabang OFW cash will definitely help in paying for the OFW’s student dependent.

The Tabang OFW is one of the many programs available for OWWA members and their dependents. Please do not forget to renew your OWWA membership. The cost of this is only USD 25 every 2 years. For a minimal fee, you can avail the many projects and you can get this OFW insurance right away.

You have the option to download and register in the OWWA mobile app so you can sign up and become a member. You may also visit the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office in the Philippines or your nearest POLO-OWWA office abroad if you have inquiries.

Contact Information

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration
OWWA Hotline: 1348
Email Address:

Cellular Numbers:
(Smart) 09615958438
(Globe) 09052535680

Landline Numbers:
(02) 85680986
(02) 85680984
(02) 85273476
(02) 85273525
(02) 85272115
(02) 53096605
(02) 83538067

DOLE-Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) – (02) 8527-2539

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